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Columbine game no fun at all:

Here we have another review of the video game abomination that is Super Columbine Massacre RPG. This time from a Virginia Tech student newspaper. So you know it’s being reviewed by someone of relative gaming age who “gets” video games…

Although the game is not very graphic when compared with titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it still sends a strong message to users. While it may seem to be nothing more than a Super Nintendo Mystic Quest-style pixellated RPG, the reality remains that it was created as a form of mockery of a very serious event.

The fact that this RPG exists says a lot about the lack of respect society gives to present-day situations. Although this Columbine incident occurred over five years ago, problems similar to these are still a concern in the public school system. If children download this game and go about playing it as if it’s all a funny joke, the message being given to them implies it’s OK — and even a bit funny — to go into their school and kill 13 people.

While some may argue that the game is actually enlightening because it lets outsiders see the emotions and logic behind the killers’ motives, it does not make up for the fact that, with a click of the mouse, a person can kill pixellated versions of the real victims involved that day. This game laughs in the faces of the friends and families of victims killed that day and utterly disrespects anyone who may have been in any way affected by the incident.

What more needs to be said?

10 thoughts on “No fun at all

  1. trooper says:

    its better to go to a computer in a moment of crises than ‘daddys closet”


  2. Trench says:

    What are you talking about?


  3. trooper says:

    are you saying that you never heard the term ‘daddys closet’?


  4. Jim says:

    IM lost too


  5. trooper says:

    basicaly it refers to going and taking youre fathers gun or mothers either to look cool or to you know kill some people.


  6. Christian says:

    i played that game its sooooooo retarded not fun but sad
    and not amusing game should be taken off the net for good!!!!!!!!:x


  7. Me says:

    Well at least on person @ Virginia Tech did not agree.


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