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Columbine game maker has lame excuses:

Yet another opinion piece on the video game aberration that is Super Columbine Massacre RPG. I usually don’t like to reprint entire articles but this article is from someone whose opinion I respect. Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald. You can see another one of his great pieces here

So now you, too, can shoot up Columbine.

Like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris seven years ago, you can roam the hallways with explosives and guns, bring a bloodbath to a high school in the suburbs. All from the comfort of your desk, all just by booting up your computer. Point, click, shoot.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG is the name of the game, available for free online. It was created last year, but first came to media attention in mid-May. The game is the creation of a 24-year-old Colorado filmmaker, Danny Ledonne.

And if you want to know what in the world would possess him to make such a monstrosity, well, he says he can identify with Harris and Klebold, though he doesn’t justify their actions. He says that at the time of the Columbine massacre, he was a five-foot, two-inch high school kid, an outsider, constantly picked on. He says he had many of the same dark fantasies of revenge that drove the two Columbine students to kill 13 people. He says he created the game in order to foster discussion of why these tragedies occur.

He says a lot of things.


Indeed, in a long, sometimes thoughtful, always self-justifying essay on his website, Ledonne assures us that his goal is commentary and critique of a ”deeply moribund” society that embraces simplistic answers to complex questions. It’s a criticism many observers would echo. Where they would part company with Ledonne is in his claim that putting you and me behind the trigger at Columbine will cause our understanding of that tragedy to be ”deepened” and “redefined.”


I should say here that I tried to take a look at Super Columbine Massacre, but it would not initialize on my computer. Perhaps the machine has better taste than I. However, we know from news reports that the game features photographs of Klebold and Harris, excerpts from their written rantings and primitive graphics. We also know the game is unwinnable: no matter how many people Klebold and Harris manage to gun down, the ending is always the same, meaning the police close in and they commit suicide.

Evidently, this is meant as the moral of the story. But the real moral, it seems to me, lies in the very fact of turning a slaughter into a video game.

I say this as someone who likes video games. Video games can be challenging and fun. But they also have a way of depersonalizing violence, of creating a false disconnect between the act and its effects.

That’s bad enough when you break someone’s arm in Tekken, the martial arts game, and he or she gets right back up, ready to rumble. It’s worse when the ”victim” is real.


Consider JFK Reloaded, a game that, for a $9.99 download, allows you to be Lee Harvey Oswald and try your luck at assassinating John Kennedy. The creator of that game, like the creator of this one, professes a high-minded objective: to interest young people in history and prove that Oswald was the lone gunman.

Both creators either don’t know or, more likely, don’t care that they trivialize murders whose effects are still extant, create emotional distance where none should exist.

Bang. Kill John F. Kennedy.

Bang. Kill a Columbine kid.

Bang. Feel nothing.

That’s scurrilous. It is indecent. Not simply because of the disrespect it shows the dead, but also because there’s more than enough emotional distance, more than enough feeling nothing, in our lives already without encouraging more.

Other people are not objects. Other lives are not abstract. Other feelings are not trivial. These are truths that should be self-evident, but they seem less so all the time.

Remember the exchange between Klebold and Harris as they committed mass murder?

“How many did you get?”

“I got three.”

Keeping score. Like it was a video game, even then.

13 thoughts on “Bull

  1. tetsuro says:

    ok how long ago did this pinhead make this game? a YEAR? LET IT FUCKING DIE. its a god damn game. jack thompson would love you people who seem to like to rip on a crappy 16 bit game that looks strikeingly simmiler to the old 16bit final fantasy and dragonbreath games of yore.

    the guy made the game, big wup. lets move on to some more earth shatteringly evil stuff wont we? lets stop this stupid bandwagon shit and find something new and evil to bitch about, like euthanasia in babies with cancer or some shit.


    you need to face up something. videogamers out number “normal” people 2:1 we are the fucking majority of the world aso dont fucking piss us off! besides you already say games train us to be killers. so do you really want to anger would be killers and assasins? I DONT FUCKING THINK SO!!! so lets all take a shot of burbon and find something new to wankoff to thats evil and deplorable OK!?

    dont try and shovel your self important shit that its desicration of the dead or its honoring evil its not! THE PEOPLE DIED WELL OVER 5 YEARS AGO! the more you say its desicrating there memory the more YOU ARE DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING!

    same with the whole worship of evil. if your gonna make recreating massive deaths illegal you mightasswell pull every world war bassed first person shoot from peoples homes . last i checked alot of fuckers died in ww2 and most didsnt even know what the fuck for ether. its called heroism when you kill a person in war right? but murder if you kill them in peace?


    thats like saying its ok to rape adults but not children.



  2. Trench says:



  3. tetsuro says:

    mister pitts please remove your testicals so you maynot pollute my genetic pool any longer. also kill your child and wife. its clear your genetics of wussyness are not needed, in a age when we are striving to create the perfect super soilder

    its not right to shoot up a school. atleast indiscriminantly. but how are you suppossed to get every one you hate to line up for exicution when the cops are already on there way? you cant so you need to go for a body count. end of story.
    rebo and voddy wernt misunderstood they wernt pure evil they wernt anything but little pinheads who wants to do soemthing to show the world that the fucking shit that goes on in school socialgroups shouldnt be tolerated anymore.

    IMFUCKING GLAD that schools are turning into prisons . WHY? becuase if you let kids mix with people they link in a learning enviroment your only going to breed a new bunch of retards to further foul up the genetics of mankind.

    please on behalf of the school boards i beg of all of you
    beat your mutha fucking kids on a regular basis.

    i know mostly i have a point with things but i lost mine in this one


  4. tetsuro says:

    trench i hope you play games. i hope your part of the 2 and not the 1

    gamers are the majority. we are the life blood the tech economy with out us the asian nations that make vid games would devolve back into feudalisum.

    WE ARE THE MAJORITY WE ARE THE CONTROLLERS (literaly) DO NOT ANGER US AND YOU WILL NOT BE HARMED!… unless you like john teesh music in witch case you should be killed anyways. no would she have to listen to that cockshitter


  5. Lach Graham says:

    Ummm Tetsuro, why defend the game? Even if it wasn’t a Harris-and-Klebold-arse-kissing product of a mutant which glorifies cowardly murders, it still ain’t a good game by any regards. How about you realize that murder is wrong, then play something else?

    Yes, gamers are the majority, but Super Columbine Massacre RPG hardly qualifies as a game, but more as a big pile of digital shit!


  6. tetsuro says:

    im not defending the game. or the writer of it. im defending his right to make a game outta what ever the fuck he pleasese. he couldda made a game with dicknipped foxes shitting retarded babies and it wouldnt matter. he has a right to make a game ooutta what ever event he choses. its just your right on wesather you want to play it or hate it. but trying to get it removed is just addiing to the problem


  7. Trench says:

    Show me where I said he didn’t have the right to make the game.


  8. Lach Graham says:

    Trench has a point.

    He can make whatever he wants, but he should have the decency to respect the memory of the victims of Columbine. Additionally, the game is shoddy anyway. Bad quality pictures and incorrect information. For god’s sake, Harris and Klebold were not part of the Trenchcoat Mafia! But when you kill some poor digital bastard

    “Another victory for the Trenchcoat Mafia”

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. COMPLETE.LOAD.OF.SHIT!


  9. wtfh4x says:

    This game = weaksauce

    Game creator = waste of bones and organs who likes to pretend to be controversial


  10. trooper says:

    Lach who the fuck are you to decide what wrong and right are you god!tetsuro is right he as a free minded individuel can make what he wants and no one has the right to try to deprive him of that right.I dont give a fuck if he makes nazi propagnda or peace wallpapers if i dont like it i wont play it.but if i do no fucker will stop me


  11. Trench says:

    Again, no one said he couldn’t make the game or no could play it.


  12. derelix says:

    You people are fucking hypocrits. You say these people are monsters and then say that people like this guy should be put killed or gunned down? how is this any different then how E/D thought? you all look the same to me.


  13. Angel says:

    I don’t believe anyone here said that the creator of this game should be put down, or killed. I believe they said that he needs to grow a conscience. Or a brain. Or, in a perfect world, both.

    Was reading comprehension a problem for you in primary school, too? Or did you just start having trouble with comprehension since you started sixth grade?


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