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High School Hazing Trial Gets Underway:

The trial in the Sierra Vista High School hazing charges has begun. Some really disturbing quotes in this article…

Opening statements got underway today in the case against the 17-year-old Sierra Vista High School student charged with sexually assaulting one of his varsity basketball team mates.

Was this hazing incident a case of sexual assault or just boys being boys? The prosecution says it was rape the defense says it was horseplay.

Prosecutor Mary Brown said, “It’s a game we play we call it play rape.”

Defense attorney Frank Cremen said, “The evidence will show that my client did not commit the offenses that he is accused of. There was conduct that night that was horseplay and it might well be expected in any boys sporting activity.”

Since when did getting digitally sodomized become “horseplay”? And is the UFIA now expected in any boys sporting activity?

And we have allegations of an administration cover-up…

The Metro officer who originally responded to the victim’s home also testified. When he arrived he says the victim was on the phone with the vice principal of Sierra Vista High School.

The officer spoke with the vice principal and testified that he said, “Can’t this just wait until after basketball season?”

Someone better start updating his résumé.

One thought on “Sierra Vista High hazing trial starts

  1. Jim says:

    Since when did getting digitally sodomized become “horseplay”?

    depends which digit and how many knuckles deep it goes 😆


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