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Teen convicted in school plot sent to mental health facility:

The 16-year-old ringleader in the plot to attack Center Grove High School in Indiana has been sentenced to a mental health facility…

FRANKLIN, Ind. – The convicted leader of an alleged plot by four teenagers to bring guns to their high school, kill the principal and take students and teachers hostage will be treated at a mental health center. Hearings for the three other boys are scheduled Tuesday.

“Our main concern was that he not be returned to the community at this point,” Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Pinnick said of the 16-year-old boy who was described by authorities as the leader of the plot at Center Grove High School.

“Because he was in detention, he had not had any rehabilitation, and now I think he is going to get that,” she said. “It was a fair sentence.”

Johnson County Juvenile Magistrate Marla Clark, who must approve all juvenile plea agreements, ordered treatment for the leader at Damar Services in Indianapolis. He will remain on probation until he turns 18.

The private center serves school-age children with developmental disabilities, mental retardation and autism, as well as those with challenging and behavioral and emotional issues, Pinnick said.

Great, so he’ll be out in less than two years with a clean record. That will show these kids that we mean business. 🙄

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