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FBI wants to hear call to man who wooed Mich. teen:

This is an article about the Michigan girl, Katherine Lester, who ran away from home to meet a man she met on MySpace in Jordan…

The FBI is interested in getting a copy of a phone interview a Saginaw TV station did with a man it says was planning to rendezvous in Israel with a teenager from rural Michigan’s Thumb.

“We’d be interested in seeing the interview,” FBI special agent Terry Booth said Sunday.

He would not say if authorities had interviewed the man, who refers to himself as Abdullah Psycho on his page. Nor would Booth comment on any aspect of the investigation to determine “if any federal violations occurred” when Katherine Lester, 16, of Gilford Township traveled to meet a man, thought to be 25, whom she met through the popular Web site.

Lester’s escapade launched an international search that involved local police, the FBI and agents in Amman, Jordan, and Tel Aviv.

CBS affiliate WNEM TV-5 in Saginaw first broadcast its interview with Abdullah on its 10 p.m. news Saturday.

In the interview, the man professed his love for Lester, whom agents intercepted in Amman on Thursday and persuaded to return home. She returned to Bishop Airport in Flint on Friday.

“I love her. She’s mine, only mine,” the man said in the interview.

His artistic, goth-style My-Space page shows a photo of him with his head down and face hidden. The site says: “I give you my heart, Kath” and includes a photo of Lester, who’s listed as a friend on his page.

Initially, the man was described as 25, but WNEM producer Allison Marple said he told a reporter he was 20 and from a wealthy family, which is how he had the means to send Lester the airfare to Israel.

He hasn’t been charged with any crime yet but here is his MySpace.

I’m not afraid to say that this is one creepy story. Let’s forget the part where the girl runs away to Jordan of all places but expecting this girl to run away to Jordan on a whim is just damn creepy.

I also have some apologies to make. In the last entry I did on this I made some comments chiding the parents. At the time I was not aware that the girl ran away after the parents realized the Canada trip was a ruse. I apologize for my assumptions.

20 thoughts on “Abdullah Psycho

  1. BelchSpeak says:

    So what happened with the ruse? What is the real story or timeline behind that?

    Also, I had wondered on my own site whether or not Katherine Lester had access to a credit card, because I thought you needed one to board the flight? But it turns out that the cash for the flight came from psycho-

    This means that the parents dont even get their own mail. I think if I were to see a package that came from Israel (the guy was a palestinian living in the west bank! Jordan was where she was supposed to change flights) addressed to my daughter- Or even an envelope from paypal- I would be curious about it.

    So Katherine Lester was planning this for a while- getting the passport, which at best, takes 4 weeks outside of washington DC, waited for the money to arrive from Israel or perhaps PayPal, then she had to get to a major international airport to get to Jordan….

    Also, there are hints at Islamic influences here too. Detroit, MI is the US version of Mecca, it has so many mosques and islamists living there. Also, her mom was quoted in one article blaming the Bush administration for allowing her daughter to be able to leave the country, and specifically the patriot act for failing to somehow detect her daughter’s runaway status.

    Also, this guy was palestinian, and those neighborhoods in the West Bank are poverty-ridden and not a good place for any non-muslim to be. But of course, the girl was too naive to understand any of this.

    Oddly, the google cache of psycho’s page did not have any comments on it until after this whole story broke.

    Bottom line, I suspect that she would have been kidnapped when she got there.


  2. BelchSpeak says:

    BTW- A round trip flight from Detroit to Amman Jordan is 2 to 5 Thousand Dollars.

    Also, the FBI would NOT be involved in this unless they were investigating a kidnapping.


  3. Soobs says:

    Trench, have you read the comments? All those people, sending “their love and support….” What a bunch of nimrods.


  4. Soobs, unfortunately I see that in a lot of these cases.


  5. Well when the parents saw that no one was there to meet her at the bus station they called her friends parents who said there was no Canada trip.


  6. deoduce says:

    #1. The dude’s site is extremely creepy.
    #2. The song on guy’s page is extremely creepy.
    #3. A man flying out a teenager is extremely creepy.
    #4. The drawings on the site are extremely creepy.

    Dang. The girl was pretty much an idiot. I mean, hell, my dad’s from the Middle East and he won’t even fly there right now.


  7. dozer says:

    michigan’s thumb is not detroit. what is “islamic” about complaining (misguidedly or not) that homeland security didn’t pick up on this?


  8. BelchSpeak says:

    Agreed. That round trip ticket is between 2 and 5k dollars. But Palestinians do not typically have much wealth, and certainly not in Jericho.

    Palestinians kidnap westerners often, and with the Palestinian territories on the verge of an all-out civil war, one cant help but suspect that this may have been a kidnap plot in order to hold the teen for ransom.

    Palestinians even tried to kidnap Rachel Corrie’s parents until they found out who they were and let them go.


  9. Jade says:

    her parents must be fucking stupid. you don’t need a passport to go to Canada. just a birth certificate. and there’s no way in hell i would let my 16 year old leave the country without adult supervision, even if it was just to go to Canada.


  10. Ashley says:

    To help put this all in perspective, here’s a timeline of the events leading up to today. Katherine’s family says Abdullah began corresponding with her about 7 months ago. In April Lester asked her mom for a passport so she could go to Canada.

    A week ago Sunday, Lester attempted to leave from a bus station, but her mother was suspicious. Her mother found out the plan to go to Canada was false. Last Monday Katherine ran away with her passport.

    Thursday the FBI tracked her flight and greeted her when she de-planed in Jordan. Late Friday night she landed at Flint’s Bishop International Airport.

    We e-mailed this man’s account and we received a reply back with a cell phone number. We called that number and were told that we were talking to Abdullah, the man Katherine traveled to meet.

    At this point, the FBI won’t confirm that it was in fact him, although, it does want a copy of the tape.

    Here’s what the caller told us. He says he’s twenty years old and a wealthy businessman. He says Katherine was the one who pursued him, telling him she liked his picture on-line.

    They started e-mailing each other and eventually fell in love. He says it took a lot of convincing. But he says she talked to his mom over the phone, met his dad who he says lives in Michigan, and then sent her money for a plane ticket.

    He says the two only planned to stay in Jordan a few days, call her family to tell them where she was, and then travel back together to the U.S. He says he dreams of marrying her.

    Neither Katherine’s family nor the FBI has commented on this interview. Katherine’s family and lawyer are scheduled to hold a press conference this afternoon and of course we’ll be there and tell you what they have to say, coming up tonight at 5:00pm.


  11. BelchSpeak says:

    Great Timeline, Ashley. I can’t wait to hear the update. Any word on whether or not Abdullah is a Jewish settler or a Palestinian?

    Somehow I doubt the veracity of his claims of being a wealthy man….


  12. Well he must have a least a nice chunk of change to send her the money for the plane ticket.


  13. e says:

    I think the kid is in love with the girl. His page is dark, but that’s the cool thing to do when you are a musician and are trying to match your site to the music you do. Sure it was wrong for the girl to lie to her parents and run away like that but she was doing it out of love. I am amazed how the US media can take any story and warp it into whatever they want.


  14. As opposed to the UK media which is currently obsessed with Heather Mills McCartney’s porno past.


  15. e says:

    I’m not aware of the Heather Mills situation. I do not live in the UK.
    I was not making a stab at the US media in particular, but in the case of this story, the US media is the one making this guy out to be some sort of pervert with no evidence except he sent money(maybe) and how is that perverted? AND he happens to live in the area of the world currently targeted by the government as well as the media as being enemy territory.
    It is manipulation.


  16. cyber mind says:

    as some who looks in this kind cyber crime and it a as crime.
    I will note that this MAn list him self as 13 to 14 years or age and has other of that age as friend on one of his myspace accounts.

    He has many people suporting him but is you look he seeom to be hidding some thing as the picture he post as him self is from rock album and not of the man we seen in the new.
    Having 2 account on myspace one as a 13-14 year old and one as 20 to 25 show he is looking to chat to people of all ages and for the most woman to very young girls some in his own country
    and living near him so why have some from the US? to get out of the place he was in and get to the US.

    We at cyberMind will keep an eye on this case.


  17. Holly says:

    WHATEVER! You guys are such jerks… they are only like 5 years apart ppl who are 5 years apart get together all the time!!!! Just because the law says it doesn’t mean it’s MORAL!
    You guys are like Gay bashers…. if gays have the right to be happy so does Kathrene and Abdullah… by the way it’s really non of your business what they are doing THEY ARE NOT HURTING ANYONE and just want to be left alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. pat says:

    Maybe if you had used a few extra exclamation points you would have convinced me.

    To equate our criticism of this incident to gay bashing is wrong on your part since the two have absolutely nothing in common.

    The criticism is not just about the age difference, which would be okay if both parties were over 18.

    This is about what may have been an attempt to kidnap a US citizen by a Palestinian. The FBI is involved, and they do not get involved in cases such as this unless they suspect criminal activity, and only the FBI is authorized in the United States to investigate kidnapping.

    Katherine Lester is NOT Juliette and Abdullah Psycho is NOT Romeo.


  19. Jamie says:

    Alrgiht okayy I am friends with Abdullah and i have been and he is a nice person.

    if you are..cybermind like you say u are maybe you would be alot smarter

    i hope you read this.



  20. Jon says:

    I would like to say that youre fucking stupid. What she did was irresponsible. But you link to some fucking emo faggots page, when the guy him self is middle eastern. I mean hell, watch tv.


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