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Girl, 16, in hiding after attempted rendezvous in Israel:

Details from the press conference held by Katherine Lester’s family…

Lester’s mother, Shawn, and sister, Mary, appeared with attorney Renee Wood at a press conference. At one point, Shawn Lester began to cry, but did not speak to the media. Wood acknowledged that Katherine Lester is doing well and appeared “jovial” upon her return to the United States, but said Shawn Lester hasn’t been alone with her daughter since her return. Katherine is in hiding after creating a global stir by traveling to meet a man who calls himself Abdullah Psycho.

“The family (is) so traumatized that it’s hard for them to speak about it,” Wood said. “Shawn loves her very much, but she cannot support her actions. She doesn’t know why this happened.

The 16-year-old persuaded her parents to get her a passport, saying she needed it for a trip to Canada. Instead, she left home in a taxi June 4. Later, it was revealed she stayed in hotels in Bay City and New York.

I wonder if she was staying at nice hotels or Uncle Dave’s Roach Hut? What reasonable hotel would let a 16-year-old stay by herself? Fake ID maybe?

6 thoughts on “Katherine Lester in hiding

  1. troppmann says:

    that kid is a grade A moron and her family makes it even worse.

    on the cnn interviews all you heard was “why and how could this have happened?”

    because your daughter is a grade A back stabber. dont blame myspace, blame that kid.

    yeah, she would in seclusion if she was my kid alright but only after a press conference where i back hand her in front of the american public, not cry because the internet is “bad”. ugh, american hicks are bringing this country to its knees.


  2. mrbmom says:

    As one of the aforementioned “hicks” – it ain’t us, baby. Any hick would take a belt to the little brat. 16 is more than old enough to know what she did was wrong. Blame your liberal (I don’t mean political leanings here – don’t freak), Dr. Spock loving parents who have no clue what the heck their kids are doing. Be involved – check up on them – you are not their friend, you are their parent! *sigh* My kids will hate me, probably, but I will know what they are doing and where they are and I WILL protect them – and discipline them – like it or not.


  3. you are not their friend, you are their parent

    Truer words were never spoken.


  4. yolanda says:

    I’m so sick of people blaming Myspace for other’s stupidity! Parents need to take the first step to responisiblity. Second the kids themselves are the most responsible for the choices they make. Meeting someone from myspace is no different from meeting someone at a club. They are al the same people.


  5. Um…no one here is blaming MySpace.


  6. Marc R. says:

    By “people”, I think yolanda obviously means “most other people in the world who don’t understand the internets and/or parental responsibility”.

    Apparently her family blames MySpace.


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