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Tuscola County teen’s family trying to keep her home:

Remember when I posted the article that said Katherine Lester’s parents could use the courts to prevent her from running away again? It seems that’s what they’re doing…

TUSCOLA COUNTY (WJRT) – (06/19/06)–The family of a Tuscola County teen is making an attempt to keep her home. Katherine Lester, 16, of Gilford, recently flew to Jordan where United States authorities caught up with her.

Lester was on her way to Israel to meet a man she met on A runaway petition has been filed in Tuscola County that could put limits on any of her future travel plans.

If granted, the court system will intervene to help the family deal with this Internet and international love story.

The runaway petition was submitted to the probate court and requested by the Akron-Fairgrove junior’s family in the hope of trying to keep her home.

“At this point, of course, the young lady leaving the country in the way that she did, obviously there’s tremendous concerns of her not following the reasonable and really legitimate commands of her parents,” said Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene. is a social networking Internet site. Her family found out about her plans and FBI agents in Amman, Jordan, persuaded her to return home.

But the family worries she may try this again, and Reene says the probate court could help in trying to keep her in the county.

“The probate court can do a variety of things,” Reene said.

“One thing is counseling. It can provide certain things that the girl has to do at different times to keep track of her and be sure — again, help her — evaluate all the considerations in her life at this point.

While Lester turns 17 on Wednesday, the parents have legal supervision until she turns 18.

“But the family probate court can still intervene up until she turns 18 in an effort to keep her on the right path, provide her with counseling and intervene again to hopefully ensure her safety,” Reene said.

While the probate court judge did not sign the runaway petition this morning, that is expected, which would mean Lester and her family will be back in court soon.

Can you blame them?

4 thoughts on “Katherine Lester’s parents use courts to keep her home

  1. BelchSpeak says:

    Nice info Trench. I thought probate courts handled mostly estate issues such as trusts and inheritances?

    What is the Akron-Fairgrove Junior family? Are the Lester’s tying their daughter’s behavior to an inheritance or a trust?

    Regardless, this is a good first step. Next, they need to destroy her computer and disable their broadband connection. According to the AP story filed in the West Bank, Katherine and Abdullah are still talking to each other up to five hours per day.


  2. Ashley says:

    Akron-Fairgrove is like a township. Very small. And I beleive she is a Junior in highschool. Probate court here in michigan handle stuff to do with children. Why? I don’t really know. If she was my daughter I would beat her ass til she couldn’t sit on it anymore. Then she’ll think twice about doing it.


  3. pat says:

    New update. A judge seized Katherine Lester’s passport and sentenced her to counseling. She may be charged as a runaway which will make her get a probation officer.


  4. Stace says:

    Ummm Why Do You All Care So Much?
    Its Not Your Life Get Over It
    Pathetic Much?
    I Think So


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