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Sheriff plans to release Columbine killers’ diaries, not tapes:

LITTLETON – The Jefferson County sheriff said Monday he plans to make the Columbine High School killers’ journals public, but will not release their video and audio tapes.

The teens’ journals include expressions of anger and dissatisfaction, the filing said. It said portions with bomb-making instructions would be withheld.

Other documents planned for release include messages Klebold and Harris wrote each other in yearbooks and Wayne Harris’ journal, the filing said. But it said the bulk of the documents were “largely irrelevant and innocuous, consisting mostly of school work.”

Wayne Harris’ journal is the one I’m most interested in seeing. I’m curious to know just how much he did or didn’t know what was going on under his roof. Especially considering that while the shootings were going on Wayne Harris had called 911 stating that he thought one of the shooters might have been his son.

Realistically though I’m sure the appeal is being worked on as we speak.

3 thoughts on “The Journals MIGHT be released

  1. anon in tx says:

    “…Wayne Harris had called 911 stating that he thought one of the shooters might have been his son.”

    Exactly, didn’t Tom Klebold call too? If Eric was so innocent and sweet then why would his dad suspect him of a crime? You just don’t call 911 and tell the operator that you think your child just mowed people down unless you know that they are capable and/or know beforehand. Sorry, that’s reality.


  2. Angus says:

    Ditto the above.
    Maybe the Dad just liked to believe he was mistaken.
    Would you wanna admit you raised a killer?


  3. trooper says:

    But you gotta remember the suicide tape was left in harrises basement he probaly just watched it before calling.Plus harris did go to get help for homicidal and suicidal thoughts.Not to be overly critical but see kids this is what happens when u ask for help.


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