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New details come in Katherine Lester case:

MID MICHIGAN (WJRT) – (06/22/06)–There were new developments Thursday in the case of Katherine Lester. The Mid-Michigan teen flew halfway around the world two weeks ago to meet with a Palestinian man she met on

Thursday her mother’s attorney asked a judge to rescind a decision made Monday in which her father was granted temporary custody.

That petition was filed in Tuscola County’s Family Division of Judicial Court Thursday morning.

The judge in the case, Judge W. Wallace Kent, denied the petition, and she will remain with her father until a hearing is scheduled.

In the petition, Lester’s mother’s attorney states numerous reasons of why she should be returned to the custody of her mother.

One of those reasons is an interview ABC12’s Bill Harris had with Lester, her father and stepmother.

Am I just dense? Because I don’t remember any article mentioning her parents were divorced. Not that it matters. But if this situation was a television show I’d turn it off for being too corny.

3 thoughts on “As Mid-Michigan Turns

  1. Anonymous says:

    They are divorced, it was the stepmother that caught her on MySpace. I think this is just another of those classic cases of a divorced dad who doesn’t know how to interact with his teenage daughter and doesn’t give a s*** about her well-being. Apparently she is back online communicating with Abdullah and she is doing it IN THE FATHER’S HOUSE AND WITH HIS PERMISSION, obviously. If I were the mom I’d be p*ssed as hell too.


  2. Worried Mom in same says:

    Help! I wish I could get someone to give me some advice on this.
    My 17 daughter was talking to 29 yr old from Canada (we live in IL) who she met on line. Her step dad and I told her never to talk to him again, that nothing good will happen with that friendship. She is ranked #8 in her junior class. Smart girl right? Wrong! She continued her relationship with this Devil worshiping scumbag who is 1/2 middle eastern Indian, a taxicab driver and lives with his parents in the basement.
    After arguing with her, I sent her to her dad’s who lives nearby. She talked him into going to the bank to empty out her savings (which he did but the bank made him return it as I am the trustee on the account)I warned her dad she wasup tosomething and to send her back home. Shegave him a sob story of how violent our home is and he got an Order of Protection against me. I couldn’t even go to the high school for my son who is also at the same school. I found videos on utube of him with her in a hotel room talking about what a great weekend she had. I showed it to her brother who tried to show it to his dad but by then she closed her account. This man still had lots of video to show to her dad talking about coming out here though. Dad took away car but let her drive to school, took away her phone which I was to be able to call her on and already had limits on, took away her computer but allowed her to use it for homework-unsupervised! While in his care, creep came down and got her and tried to smuggle her into Canada via Detroit border. I couldn’t even find out what was going on because of O of P! She could have been killed! I still can’t talk to her (she refuses to call me) Her father is not encouraging it even though I am the one who found out about the creep. I doubt he is getting her therapy, my lawyer is working on repairing this mess. I’d love to talk to parents in the same boat or even better a girl who has done this and realizes what a mistake she made. I’d love for her to talk to my kid.


  3. Mary Margaret Lester says:

    Worried Mom in the same boat:

    Please email me at:

    Possibly we can have Katherine talk to your daughter about what she expierenced with Abdullah.

    Mary Margaret Lester


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