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I received a comment on my very first entry about Katherine Lester. I thought it made such a good point that I decided to share it with you. It’s from a commenter named Mary…

If you know Katherine, please give her this message: I have a god-daughter who began dating a guy who was just like Katherine’s “soul-mate.” He’s handsome, a sweet-talker, said all of the right things, treated her great and said he could not imagine life without her. She kept their relationship a secret from me and married him behind my back, then wrote me a letter & brought it to me, telling me about their marriage. What a betrayal….what a hurt! Though she is not my birth daughter, I love her as if she were and pray for her, always. Several weeks later, the mask came off: He was not Italian (as he had been telling her) he was a Muslim and demanded that she convert, or else. She refused. All Hell broke loose, including physical fights, destruction of her property (her car, clothes and condo) and finally, threats of death. After many bizarre and scary months, she was able to get the marriage annulled. (He refused to have sex with her unless she converted). The threats continued, however, for a year or so after the annulment. Katherine and her parents need to understand Islamic customs and practices. Once she marries this guy, she will no longer have a voice of her own – Islamic women are seen & not heard, and speak only when spoken to. Going from a woman young woman accustomed to personal freedoms to a nameless non-entity will no doubt be Katherine’s undoing, unless she is prepared for that type of sacrifice. She has entered very dangerous waters that may appear placid on the surface, but underneath lurks a turbulence that will have very harmful effects on both her and her family. (I know – I’ve been there with my beautiful god-daughter) and would not wish this experience on ANYONE. The fact that he asked her or allowed her to violate her parents trust, speaks volumes about him. Tell Katherine that true love would never ask nor allow her, to violate the love of her parents. I’m praying for Katherine and her family.

Granted it’s only one person’s story but it’s still a real possibility.

9 thoughts on “An open letter to Katherine Lester

  1. Pat says:

    Trench, has anyone told you that the new site colors look great? Well, they do!

    This reader of yours makes many valid points. Of course, this depends on the nation of origin, as some Islamic societies are a bit more permissive than others. Even in the USA there are groups of Islamists that try to practice strict sharia law, which is belittling to women.

    Plus, this guy is Palestinian, and he has been raised surrounded by antisemitism and jihad.

    If they want to be together, they should both convert to the Church of Scientology, which will set them up nicely for their next careers as B movie actors. 🙂


  2. B Movie actors? You’re being too kind. *lol*

    Thanks about the colors. For the most part they are the default colors for this template. I thought the new colors looked more professional.


  3. Everett K. says:

    Exactly, she has to know the consequences of any American civilian being over in that area. This guy good be someone who is luring her in to his sick plan to get the publicity up for a few years, get everyone talking about it, then kidnap her and do God knows what else. Common sense has to be somewhere in her conscience. Somebody please get her outta there, this is what they want over there is the media attention. I work with her cousin and he is going on the Dr. Phil show within the next week do discuss what’s going on. We need to get this out of the media scope, but it won’t happen because it’s America.


  4. Kayla says:

    Ummm, it has nothing to do with Islam or him being a muslim. I have tons of friends who are married to Muslims, either they are still Christian or they converted to Islam, or they were already converts to Islam BEFORE they met their husbands. If you ask any of them how they are treated, they will say they are treated with more respect and love, and they have more rights in an Islamic marriage. Yes, there are some men out there who are MUSLIM BY NAME ONLY, but they are have CULTURAL HABITS. ***CULTURAL, NOT RELIGIOUS*** So instead of blaming Islam and getting all freaked out by non-Muslim girls falling in love with Muslim guys, do your research and I dont mean the anti-Islamic websites, I am talking about reading a Quran.

    PS I am a Canadian girl married to a man from the UAE, he is a practising Muslim anf guess what—OUR MARRIAGE IS THE BEST:-)


  5. Jordyn Miri says:

    Katherine is my step sister. Katherine’s decisions are final, none of which concern anyone. So stop wastin your time going online to trash talk someone you don’t even know or love. Get a life=)



  6. anonomous says:

    what was said in the letter about islamic woman not having a voice of their own is not at all true. i am muslim and i think as a muslim i have alot of rights of my own. the only differance is that in our religion woman are looked down at wearing innappropriate clothing. i personally dont mind the fact that we have to cover up. i have many friends outside of islam and honestly the way they treat their parents and family, muslims would never do that. you would never see a muslim throwing their parents out of their house or even leaving their house because they are 18 and grown. i think this is the biggest thing in our religion that we have respect for our elders no matter if their our parents or not. also we do not demand to cover up either. ive been living in america almost all my life, i dont cover my head but i wear clothes that cover my whole body. before going on and talking about how muslims treat their wives and daughters i want people to go read what islam really is and what it teaches us. so what if we cover up, its part of our respect that we have for people and our selves.


  7. Ice says:

    Don’t come here and preach about how being Muslim is so great. People don’t come here and preach about Christianity or Judaism. You have your beliefs, thats great. Don’t try to get other people to understand them. And not everyone disrespects their elders. some people may do that, but not everyone. So what if we don’t cover up our entire bodies with clothing, that doesn’t mean we don’t respect ourselves or anyone else. And by the way, i do not know many people who have kicked their parents out of their houses. a tad unrealistic. why don’t you study a few other religions before you tell someone to study yours.


  8. chris says:


    On Nov 6th-
    “Katherine is my step sister. Katherine&rsquos decisions are final, none of which concern anyone. So stop wastin your time going online to trash talk someone you don&rsquot even know or love. Get a life=)”

    I may be stating the obvious but if your step sister and family wants privacy, why does the “dirty laundry” continue to be aired all over??? Countless interviews and media attention and then you’re asking to be left alone and your family not judged?




    do u have difficult time understanding???????
    thewomen in the letter is “steriotyping” muslim women…ANONYMOUS is correcting the wrong idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and about clothes: each is FREE to wear what he wants, and take off what he wants(even hijab -the head cover), yet DO NOT TELL ME that what u wear doesn’t affect people’s look (even if it was a wrong one,) but it does affect it.
    check (princes, princesses, queens, kings…women politicians…from all religions..)their prestige and respect force them to wear extra-covered clothes….for it gives more respect..

    byyeeeeeezzzzz –


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