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A Fourteen-Year-Old Girl’s Suit Against MySpace: Should Networking Sites Be Legally Responsible for Protecting Teens from Harmful Real-World Conduct?:

This is a great and lengthy article about the viability of the MySpace lawsuit. It’s a great read but the last paragraph, in my opinion, sums up the whole situation…

At the end of the day, however, as long as users are willing to lie and circumvent, there is a limit to how effective controls can be. There are inherent perils involved in hooking up in cyberspace – and parents need to be the ones who educate their children about such dangers.

Hopefully, common sense will prevail.

One thought on “MySpace lawsuit viability

  1. Summer says:

    I’m hoping that the irresponsibilty of a parent would not affect the entire myspace population. I love myspace. I have a lot of heart into my page. And, some of my friends on myspace are there and there only. I don’t know how to reach them any other way. myspace can be a good clean thing. You can talk to your friends, meet up with a mass of friends, find concerts and bands. Have opportunities to preview music. The point is, it shouldn’t be taken away because a mother is not monitoring her child like she should. Maybe there can be a page specifically for parents where they can keep an eye on their child. And, another idea I have friends that are plenty old enough to have a myspace but their mother’s have one just so they can see what’s going on in their world. Myspace becomes a friendship world and at the age of 14 a parent should step into that world, so they can’t get involved in an activity such as this. If the myspace community fought this along with the court. Mrs. Iressponsible mother, you would lose. :-O


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