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Leonard arrested on sexual assault charges:

It seems our favorite Conn. College Creeper is at it again. Dave Leonard has been arrested once more…

NEW BRITAIN – The rap sheet on 22-year-old David Leonard continues to expand as he was arrested on additional charges over the weekend after investigations revealed he may have committed illegal sexual acts with a pair of females in New Britain.

Leonard, who is listed as living with his parents in Vernon, was arrested Friday morning on charges of two counts of second-degree sexual assault, two counts of illegal sexual contact, employing a minor in an obscene performance and promoting a minor in an obscene performance.

This is the second time Leonard, who was arrested in May on charges of possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle, has been in trouble with New Britain police and the third time he has been arrested for sexual contact with a minor in the past year.

Leonard is already facing charges of second-degree sexual assault on a minor in Tolland Superior Court for an incident that occurred in the Vernon area last fall and has been arraigned on charges of third-degree sexual assault and resisting arrest for an alleged encounter with two 12-year-old female victims in Newington.

Details on the latest arrest were unavailable through the police department on Sunday afternoon. Leonard was detained over the weekend and the amount of bond withheld from arrest reports.

You would think that since he’s been busted twice for it he wouldn’t have tried it a 3rd time. That’s what you get for thinking. I hope this gets him sent away for an awfully long time.

His MySpace has been removed and if he has a new one I can’t find it.

H/T to Deb.

4 thoughts on “David Leonard arrested again

  1. On a Mission says:

    I understand to a point his parents bailing him out the first time but common how many arrests does he need before they realize he’s a sick bastard and needs to be in prison. Even after his first arrest he stayed online looking for more girls. I do see he still is in jail after the last arrest. I hope his parents smarted up. I’m making it a mission of mine to have his face and name on every news channel and newspaper and here on MyCrimeSpace after each arrest until he’s in prison for 50 years to life. Trust me there will be more arrests.


  2. Peter says:

    Actually, all the new arrests are for old infractions. They’re investigating him, and finding out about other girls he molested. I knew this kid growing up, and there was always something a little off about him.


  3. Jody says:

    Really, I knew this kid since the day he was born and I think he is a scapegoat…..his parents did a fine job and people like like are destroying his family….David made mistakes and will pay for them (I had to laugh 50 yrs) yeah right I am sure that some of these girls set this all up I blame these girls parents for not being aware of who they are meeting as they are enticing men on the internet. Oh, I am sure they are angels.


  4. Screwed up world says:

    The girls are inticing men. Common are you as warped as him. In your eyes his preying on little girls is not his fault. He is sick and dimented and he needs serious counseling no doubt. But to blame the victims and their parents common. Thats like blaming his parents for not knowing he was bringing little girls in their home. He knew some of their ages for sure. You can’t tell me a couple of 12 year old girls look 16 or 18. Your fooling yourself. your friend has a problem plain and simple. Do you know what preying is? Well he was preying on girls with low self estem that had the attention of a college guy. A young girl doesn’t diffrentiate between a college kid and a MAN. Which he is which makes him the responsible party. I hope his family will heal as I don’t place blame on them. I also hope more so for the victims and their families to heal and get on with their lives. It’s clearly a no win situation for anyone.


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