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Teen found guilty of RHS shooting:

A Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge found Vincent Wayne Leodoro guilty of attempted murder this morning.

The ruling came after brief closing statements by the defense and prosecution. Judge Robert Millikan ruled that Leodoro, 15, intentionally tried to kill Joseph Monti, 16, when the youth shot Monti four times in the back Feb. 23 on the Roseburg High School campus.

“I think that Mr. Leodoro intended to kill the victim,” Millikan said, as the teen sat at the defense table, his gaze lowered.

Leodoro was found responsible for attempted murder, first-degree assault and several weapons charges. Millikan said the boy had a strong grasp of weapons mechanics and must have understood the consequences of his action.

Sentencing was scheduled for July 7. Leodoro could end up in custody until the age of 25.

Here was the defense’s argument…

In his defense closing, attorney Bruce Tower said the teen continually denied trying to kill Monti, saying he only meant to hurt him.

So Leodoro shot Monti once, then as Monti lay on the ground Leodoro shot him three more times. Yet he was only trying to “hurt” him? So I guess Jack the Ripper was only trying to “scratch” his victims.

During the interview with Leodoro, Kaney challenged Leodoro’s claim that he only intended to hurt Monti. When the detective asked Leodoro what he’d expect to happen to someone who’s shot, he replied, “Dies, I guess.”

At that point in the interview, Leodoro began to sniffle, his voice wavering.
“I screwed up,” he said. “I shouldn’t have done it.”

Ya think?

2 thoughts on “Leodoro found guilty

  1. Gina W says:

    I believe this boy spent a lot of time planning what he was going to do! I am REALLY UPSET that he was not tried as an adult! This kid was and will always be a time-bomb waiting to go off! Maybe, since he’ll be freed at the age of 25….. he will plan better?????? So that next time it will be more isolated and the body cannot be recovered for their families?????? Oh yeah….. that’ll be MUCH better!

    With all the research and preparation that he did…. frankly, that makes him a menace or major threat to society…..!!!!!!!

    I for one, am NOT a happy camper about this Oregon law that all the consequences for a crime stay the same….. no matter what the variables are!!!!!


  2. Jim says:

    So Ledoro shot Monti once, then as Monti lay on the ground Ledoro shot him three more times. Yet he was only trying to “hurt” him? So I guess Jack the Ripper was only tring to “scratch” his victims.

    and OJ thought his wife needed a shave ?


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