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Spokane Teen Jamie Lynn Drake, Missing Since June 23rd:

Another fine article at Crime Library from crime blogging’s godfather Steve Huff. The article is about Jamie Lynn Drake of Spokane, Washington who went missing recently. her car was found being driven by a former male roommate…

Spokane, Wash. (Crime Library) The last time anyone saw Jamie Lynn Drake, age 19, she was at a friend’s apartment in Spokane, Washington (WA). That was on Friday morning, June 23, 2006.

Jamie’s car, a 1993 Ford Mustang, was found on Tuesday night, June 27, 2006. Spokane police arrested a 20-year-old acquaintance of Jamie Lynn Drake’s named Kevin Wayne Newland (Spokane press reports spell Kevin’s last name ‘Newlund’), who was driving the car. At one time Newland roomed with Jamie and a female roommate.

Kevin Newland was charged with possession of stolen property.

Jamie Lynn Drake is still missing.

According to articles published in the Spokane Spokesman-Review published on June 28, 2006, Jamie left work at 11:30 on Thursday the 22nd. She was going to visit a man she’d recently met.

Her makeup bag was later found in the man’s apartment. His name is being withheld, but authorities in Spokane indicate that he is cooperating with the investigation.

Here is the MySpace of Jamie Lynn Drake. And here is the MySpace of the man arrested for driving her car, Kevin Wayne Newland.

6 thoughts on “MISSING: Jamie Lynn Drake

  1. Ashley says:

    according to her myspace everyone has already wrote her off as dead. Everyone is leaving RIP messages. Do you have any updates on the story?


  2. Not yet unfortunately.


  3. Scratch that. I do have an update and I’ll be posting it in a second.


  4. kristin says:

    ashley…they found her body on the 30th of june…which explains the r.i.p. messages.


  5. Joss says:

    They found A body. It was never proven to be her body


  6. Are you really that stupid?


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