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Prosecutors to drop runaway petition against teen:

Another chapter in the ongoing drama of Katherine Lester…

SCARO, Mich. (AP) — Prosecutors on Thursday agreed to withdraw a runaway juvenile petition they filed earlier this month against Katherine Lester, the Michigan teenager who flew to the Middle East to be with a man she met on the Internet site.

The decision was part of an agreement reached between Lester, her parents and the Tuscola County prosecutor’s office that requires her to surrender her passport, finish high school, complete counseling and not leave the state without written consent from her parents or a court order.

If Lester, 17, fails to comply with any of the terms, the prosecutor’s office may reauthorize the petition.

Following her return, Lester had been living with her father, Terry, near Flint, in part to escape media attention following her trip. But Renee Wood, a lawyer who represents Katherine Lester’s mother, Shawn, said she stayed with her mother this week and will be back in shared custody.

The teen is a member of the National Honor Society at Akron-Fairgrove Junior/Senior High School. Wood said Lester and her parents have not decided whether she will attend the school for her senior year next fall or go to a different high school.

Katherine Lester and Jimzawi still talk online, and she has said she wants to marry him.

Wood said Thursday that Shawn Lester is unhappy that the pair continue to communicate, but said she wants her daughter to make informed decisions about her future and to be honest with her.

How long before she bolts again?

3 thoughts on “Runaway petition dropped against Katherine Lester

  1. Jen says:

    She has to be the biggest twit imaginable. And in one year she’s going to be an adult, not much her parents can do to put a stop to her travels to meet her lovah in Palestine. Of course maybe the air strikes and suicide bombings might detour her… whom am I kidding?

    Of course, the bitch is going to run for it. Cause she’s stupid.


  2. Amy Sorel says:

    This girl is the biggest fucking moron I’ve ever heard about. Has she NO common sense? Apparently not. The area to which she intends to travel is SO anti-American it’s frightening. She won’t live very long there…but what does she care? As long as she can get herself fucked senseless by her “lover”. Stupid little shit.


  3. Xavier Muthu says:

    If Ms. Lester really wanted to test her boyfriend’s love for her, ask him to embrace your religion.

    For Ms. Leter’s general information, Moslims do not love anyone other than their religion. If he really loves you, then he also will be able to change his religion for you. If he does not, then you will be a slave for him and not a lover.


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