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Lawyers: No Challenge To Columbine Papers Release:

Color me shocked…

(CBS4) LITTLETON, Colo. The families of Columbine gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold have decided not to challenge a decision to release more than 900 pages of materials taken from their home, CBS4 reported Wednesday.

Wednesday was the deadline for any challenge to be filed.

Attorneys for families of Harris and Klebold told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger about their decision on Wednesday. Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink made the decision to release the materials last month.

The gunmen’s families went all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court to try and block the release of the materials from their homes, but failed.

Mink planned to make an announcement soon about when the actual release of the materials would take place.

I almost find it suspicious that they’re not appealing this after fighting for so long to keep it under wraps.

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