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Detectives seek potential witnesses in Jamie Drake case:

Sheriff’s major crimes detectives are looking for four persons that homicide suspect Kevin Wayne Newland said he spent the day with on the day Jamie Lynn Drake was killed.

According to Newland, he has been living a transient lifestyle and spending nights in city and county parks. On Thursday, June 22, he was at Chief Garry Park at Mission and Greene when he met four people who invited him to go drinking with them.

One of the men was named “John” and drove a dark blue Ford F-150 pickup.

A second man was called “Louis” and a woman was called “Boo.” The fourth person, another male, went unidentified. These last three were in a dark gray or black Acura.

Newland and the four drove to a spot along the Little Spokane River north of Commellini’s Restaurant where they drank alcohol. At some point there was a disagreement and John used his pickup to drive Newland to Jamie Drake’s apartment so he could talk with her roommate who was his girlfriend.

Detective Jim Dresback asks that these four people call him at the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office major crimes unit, 509-477-2714.

In addition to these four potential witnesses, detectives asked that anyone else who had contact with Kevin Wayne Newland on Thursday, June 22, to call the sheriff’s office.

An autopsy was performed late Friday afternoon, but the medical examiner is awaiting further tests before announcing the cause of death in Jamie Drake’s homicide.

Transient yet he has a MySpace profile. Anyway, it sounds like he’s trying to shift the blame to his new drinking buddies even though he was found driving Jamie Lynn Drake’s car and her body was found in his family’s cabin. If he didn’t kill her he sure was involved.

One thought on “Witnesses sought in Jamie Lynn Drake case

  1. shannon says:

    do you think you could get back to me on her autopsy reports as soon as you get them… she was a friend of mine… my beautiful jamie i miss her already


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