The Trench Reynolds Report

All Crime Is Personal

All 900+ pages of them can be read here. (pdf format)

I’ll have my thoughts on them later.

6 thoughts on “View the records

  1. Jim says:

    So far I am 869 pages in and have set my mind on an opinion.

    Eris Harris is a blithering idiot.

    From his school work, it seemed like he had potential to be something semi-intelligent. but everything else is evidence that the kid was a dumb fucking moron. Only ONCE did I read ANYTHING is his journals about being an (unwilling) outcast. Everything else was him saying he hates everything, everyone and how the world cant handle a person like himself… or as he says it “a god”.

    He claims to be racist, sexist and hateful of everything… with zero tolerance for anything other than Klebold.

    This kid, his life and all his writings are meaningless dreck… and I am actually glad that he is dead.

    I almost think that 13 lives may have been worth it to get that monkey fuck off my planet.

    We all know by now how I feel about religion, the afterlife, etc… But I hope beyond hope, that there is a hell and he is being gang raped by nothing smaller than a 10 foot cock with fish hook barbs.

    With any luck it is double ended and Dylan is getting jammed on the other side.

    To all the faggot Reb and Vodka worshipers out there: look here, upon your hero’s intellect and find that there was none. Maybe you will find that his war was waged with only himself one day and the only impact he made on this world is felt by YOU… the students, who have no freedom to be silly anymore. You are no longer trusted because one (obviously) dumb fuck took the fun out of youth by destroying the lives of 13 others. If you STILL stand for him and/or wish to repeat his savage life… I hope the person you love most get cancer and dies on your fucking birthday.

    Sorry Trench, but I dont think I have ever hating anything as much as this sorry little cunt and his pathetic story. If he WAS ever picked on, for any reason, Im sure he deserved it.


  2. Jim says:

    …and my spell check sucks !! πŸ˜†


  3. Trench says:

    I’m waiting for the mutant reaction but so far they’ve been quiet.


  4. Jim says:

    yeah, this ought to be fun 8)


  5. jade says:

    tell us how you really feel, Jim πŸ˜‰

    i managed to make it all the way through, and have determined that Harris was a soul-less monster. a real-life Hannibal Lecter, if you will…someone who should have been locked up and studied.

    Klebold, while still evil, just seemed a little more, i don’t know..human?

    and the fact that so much of this stuff was written down, yet out of all the adults in these boys’ lives, only one teacher thought to comment on one paper written by Klebold about the content?!? WTF?? If either one of my kids was writing that much stuff, you damn well better believe i’d be reading it. writing everything down like that was almost like them saying “please catch us!”

    Parents, pay attention to your kids! know what is going on in their lives!! i may not be the best parent in the world, but i know what my kids are up to.


  6. Jim says:

    So I am little graphic with my anger… sue me πŸ˜›


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