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All Crime Is Personal

Here are my quick thoughts on the journals and other documents that were released today.

Wayne Harris definitely had the “not my kid” syndrome. Eric Harris broke Brooks Brown’s windshield and yet Wayne Harris claims that his family is being victimized and that Brooks Brown is a manipulative con man.

Eric Harris was definitely a racist and a homophobe even though on his website he claimed he hated racism. Which would also make him a liar. I would almost say a pathological one.

Harris wrote reports about Charles Manson and The Third Reich that were almost favorable towards their subjects. Granted hindsight is 20/20 but if I was a teacher that definitely would have set off some red flags.

With all the references to killing and drawing of weapons and the like Harris made in his school work for at least a year, you would think that some adult in his life, be it teacher or parent, would have noticed his unhealthy obsession.

They got their guns in November of 1998. That’s 6 months before the massacre. That should have given the parents ample opportunity to discover the guns. If my kids had records for theft and the like they would have been under the proverbial microscope.

These documents should put the final nail in the coffin of the bullying myth. Harris talked about how he was excluded not bullied. He was jealous of the popular kids. Like I’ve said before, the impression I got is that he wanted to be a prep or jock or whatever and was jealous that they didn’t accept him. They didn’t just snap. This was planned at least a year in advance. It was all about hate and egomania on the part of Harris and his Svengali-like hold over Klebold.

The most preventable tragedy in history.

24 thoughts on “My thoughts on the records.

  1. Jim says:

    Eric Harris was definitely a racist and a homophobe even though on his website he claimed he hated racism. Which would also make him a liar. I would almost say a pathological one.

    In his notes he said he was racist.


  2. Jim says:



  3. Trench says:

    But on his AOL website he claimed that he hated racism.


  4. Jim says:

    which is just more proof that this guy was a pathetic waste of meat that would have proved more useful on his mothers chin.


  5. Christian says:

    ive been digging around on this topic for a while and have seen copies of their journels,blogs,websites etc…and eric and dylan have been tormented daily(accordingly)and bullied wich lead them to anger and depression wich also lead them to hatred of columbine high and the students.girls refused to talk to them or go out with them because they were not the same preppy kids everyone else was and eric and dylan had a different mind as MOST people and yes i think the parents should have asked more questions and been more’PARENTLY’ but eric and dylan thought death was the only way out of this life and they took that trip to death in wich you can not turn back this might of been resolved if they were treated as human beings instead of dogs but all in all i like dylan and eric so fuck all of you that are against them(but im not saying the shootings were ok of them to do) and none of you will change my mind ok thats all.


  6. Trench says:

    The tormenting and bullying were all in their minds.


  7. Jim says:

    If you think they were bullied and tormented.. you obviously didn’t read the 900 page crap fest of Eric Harris’ warped mind.

    I find it sort of amusing, however, that your name is Christan and you are firm in your belief in bullshit. πŸ˜†


  8. Christian says:

    no you obviously dident read my paragraph i said the following happened accordingly(i meant to say according to)

    so dont get i twisted and i dont care wow my name is christian so i can never have a bad thought or commit a sin right?:roll:


  9. Christian says:

    but it wont change my mind of like:!:ing them ok


  10. Trench says:

    If you want to be disadvantaged in life that’s your choice. And learn to write correctly while you’re at it.


  11. Jim says:

    if you like them… your an asshole


  12. Jim says:

    You know what ? Let me reiterate the asshole comment and add some more. Actually, I don’t need your permission.. I’m gonna fucking do it anyway.

    You claim to like Harris and Klebold, so I had to scroll back up and re read your gibberish and see if I could find out why. Just like the rest of the cunts that come on this site and talk about how they like those two fruitcakes, you had nothing of substance to offer so as to back up your opinion.

    You claimed to read (some of) the report and then added your own twist so you can rationalise their crime. There was NO indication of ANY bullying. We read Eric Harris’ personal journal… don’t you fucking think he would have had revenge thoughts in there ? you fucking dunce !

    They were NOT treated like dogs, that a fucking pitiful excuse by people who want to glorify two fucking cunts who had nothing better to do with their lives than to kill.

    …and you, you fucking waste of a perfectly good load, you have the balls to come here and spout off your idiotic twist on what is obviously not even remotely true then tell us “well, your not gonna change my opinion”

    Good, we don’t want to, fucking kill yourself and join your buddies in hell or nothingness or whatever you fucking believe.

    take a warm bath with a couple of razors and see how deep you can go. Here is a hint, cut with the veins not across.

    You fucking like them ? you cunt ! you like them ? for what ? being killers ? for standing up for nothing and taking the lives of 13 other people with no purpose or intent other than the crap attention they couldn’t lavish in anyway ?

    If you like them join them… he is another idea. get your car up to 90, (don’t wear your seat belt… don’t your fucking dare wear your seat belt) close your eyes and pull the wheel to the left. preferably near a cliff.

    You know what would change your mind ? take some time and visit Columbine one day. dig up a family member of any one of the victims. Knock on the door and say “all in all i like dylan and eric so fuck all of you that are against them and none of you will change my mind ok thats all.”

    I mother fucking dare you.

    you fucking cunt.

    God damn it Trench, I hate your fucking readers.


  13. Trench says:

    Then just wait for my next post.


  14. Jim says:

    terrrrrific πŸ™„


  15. Random says:

    Well, I downloaded the 900 pages about 2 hours ago, and now I’m done with them. Between all the blackouts and Eric and Dylans horrible penmanship, my eyes hurt. I think that reading the 900 pages of shit, only confirmed what I already knew. They were sick individuals. End of discussion. 😐


  16. Christian says:

    And Jim Dont Get The Wrong Idea Im Not Saying What They Did Was Ok I Am Just Saying I Dont Hate Them But Im Not Like Some Other People Im Not In Love With Them I Just Like Them
    And Im Not In Any Way Trying To ‘GLORIFY’Them Ok Thats All I Have To Say 😐


  17. Christian says:



  18. Jim says:

    OK fuck hole… tell me what you like about them ? I have to hear it right from your stupid fucking mouth. Tell me, fucker, what is so good about them that they received the high honor of your “like” ?

    is it the way they murdered 13 people ?
    is it the fact that they were utterly hopeless morons who just happened to be psychopathic ?
    or is it the bleeding heart slant on the story that has been continually proven false ?

    I cant not, for the life of me, see what is so fucking special about two asshole murderers. so please, you rotted wart on a sardines cunt, enlighten me as to what is so likeable about those two pathetic faggots.


  19. demento says:

    i love you eric sexy columbine kid you bastards


  20. Trench says:

    im a queer bear i really deep down love dlan and eric:mrgreen:


  21. Trench says:

    You can tell it’s not me because I can spell and use proper grammar.


  22. Trench says:

    That was me also i love you eric and dylan!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  23. Jim says:

    yeah… not to mention the owner’s name is underlined whereas all guests are not. You dumb dumb trolls need to be a little more creative than that.


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