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Online predator admits using Myspace to lure girl, 12:

An online predator who sent sexually explicit messages to a 12-year-old Clark County girl pleaded guilty Friday to attempted rape.

“I’m the one at risk here,” Jeramie R. Eidem e-mailed to the girl, as he made arrangements for them to meet. “It’s my way or no way.”

It will be Judge John Wulle’s way Sept. 8, when he sends Eidem to prison for at least a decade.

Eidem was arrested Feb. 25 when he showed up at a Vancouver restaurant to meet the girl, who was waiting with a deputy from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. An adult neighbor of the girl had taken pictures of Eidem’s online activities and alerted police.

Eidem and the girl met on the popular Internet site

The 26-year-old high school dropout was living with his parents in Columbia City, Ore., when he began sending the girl messages and masturbating for her via a Web cam. Once she told him her age, he warned her not to tell anyone.

“No, you won’t go to prison and get raped by men for 50 years. I would,” he wrote.

By that time, the neighbor had alerted police.

Eidem pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted rape of a child, luring with sexual motivation and tampering with a witness with a sexual motivation.

Authorities seized his computer, which had pornographic images stored on it.

But federal prosecutors and the Columbia County prosecutor agreed not to charge Eidem with possession of child pornography as long as he stipulated to a 10-year sentence in Clark County, deputy prosecutor Alan Harvey said Friday in Superior Court.

Wulle, however, can give Eidem a longer sentence.

Eidem will have to register as a sex offender for life.

Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed but then again none of them are.

This is Ediem’s MySpace but it looks like it’s been cleaned out since his arrest.

4 thoughts on “Jeramie R. Eidem

  1. True so true. I have one question. What was the 12 year old deoing online unsupervized?


  2. And having a MySpace account.


  3. Soobs says:

    Wow – a 26 year old high school dropout, living with his parents? What a catch. And that child’s parents should be spanked, for even allowing her to HAVE a computer. :-O


  4. Micaela says:

    WTF LadyMan? its not MySpace’s problem. its all the fucking perverts and freaks. All you have to do is report them. there is an option to do that you know. and those people who did something about it, that girl and her neighbor, thats what girls should be doing. not exploiting themselves all over the internet desperate for some one to love them. thats when you should turn to the parents. their parents should be the ones to blame for not giving them enough attention. if they did that in the first place then they probably wouldnt go looking for it elsewhere. besides what fucking idiot would meet someone on the internet, if your child is that stupid not to know the difference between reality and the vertual world then they deserve to kidnapped and rapped and shit. i am a 16-year-old MySpacer. i have 2 pics of me-fully clothed, no low cut shirts. its me in my fave MetallicaT my lil sis and some bands i like. in my pro i have all the things i love. i keep my friends limited to only the people ive already met or friends from school. you can check it out for yourself.


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