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Matthew McCombs & Sean Brown Arrested in Murder of Ashton Glover:

Crimeblogging’s founding father Steve Huff has written another excellent article. This time it’s about the murder of Ashton Glover and her two killers…

Two men, friends of slain student Ashton Glover, who vanished last week just hours after the teen’s partially buried body was recovered in Sugarland, Texas, have been arrested nearly 1,500 miles away in Michigan after trying to slip across the Canadian border.

Matthew Ross McCombs, an 18-year-old who once boasted on his MySpace Page that he aspired to be a killer and that his goal for this year was to “not get caught,” was arrested Wednesday along with Sean Huston Brown, also 18. Both are charged with murder and are awaiting extradition from Michigan, authorities said.

Steve also brings us Matt McCombs’ MySpace.

I urge you to read all of Steve’s article to see just how callous these scumbags are.

3 thoughts on “Matt McCombs

  1. wayne says:

    This case has caused quite a stir here in the Houston area.
    Ashton Glover, it seems, was a very well-liked girl with many friends.
    There has not been any motive given yet for the murder.


  2. Jennifer says:

    OMG…I don’t even have words. I did not even know Ashton and I want to kill those bastards myself. What is our world coming to? “Morbid curiousity”? I am sooooo frustrated!! This past week I have heard of 6 murders!! Six!! And children at that. Why do people think they can do this and get away with it? Maybe these criminals, all of them will think about it when they have to answer to the man upstairs. No one has the right to take a life. Get a grip America!! RIP sweet Ashton. God bless your family and friends.


  3. betty says:

    i know the father of ashton personally i see the hell he is living thru i just wish i could set ths punishment for these two punks just one night and mr.glover would get his justice.


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