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Earlier today I told you about Matt McCombs and Sean Brown who were arrested in the murder of Ashton Glover. Thanks to Steve Huff I was able to bring you McCombs’ MySpace. Now thanks to an e-mail I received from a reader I can now bring you Sean Brown’s MySpace. One of Brown’s Top 8 friends has changed her screen name to R.I.P. Ashton and left the following comment on Brown’s MySpace…

I hope you rot in hell for this Sean Brown! I knew there was a reason why I didn’t want to be with you anymore.

4 thoughts on “Sean Brown

  1. Ashley says:

    I don’t know if you had Ashton’s myspace or not. I found it.


  2. I did but I try not to post victims’ MySpaces.


  3. Ashley says:

    oh i’m sorry


  4. Sean Brown’s Myspace is still active, but somehow Matthew McCombs’ got deleted. I am guessing it was someone in his family, since I doubt they allow Internet access to prisoners in the Fort Bend County Jail. I hope they both rot.


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