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Judge denies change of venue in Dyleski trial:

That was quick…

MARTINEZ – A Superior Court judge today denied a request to move the murder trial of Scott Dyleski out of Contra Costa County.

Judge Barbara Zuniga said she reviewed more than 200 newspaper accounts of the case and found that the reports reflected “actual proceedings in court” but did not contain material prejudicial to the defendant.

Zuniga heard arguments Thursday on the defense change of venue motion. A CSU Chico professor testified that an “exceeding” high number of county residents were familiar with the Dyleski case and that more than 60 percent had decided that he was guilty.

The judge said Friday that she placed “little weight” on Ross’ study.

Back to the drawing board for the defense.

4 thoughts on “Change of venue denied

  1. Jim says:

    1 for the 60% 😆


  2. Thats too bad, thats just another one blaming him because of his personality traits and history before the actual details have all been announced. Lets wait to see before we make any judgements, as the media have convinced enough of you already that “loner interest in death goth music drug use” equals certain guilt.


  3. Trench says:

    Yeah, let’s all ignore that pesky DNA evidence. He must be innocent because he’s a oner interest in death goth music drug use. Grow up.


  4. Jim says:

    Now, Trench, just wait a second. That poster was named “voice of reason”. therefore he MUST be right and we all should listen.

    Ok, VOR… go :


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