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This is a letter to the editor at the Winston-Salem Journal about the recent slew of news reports about the Columbine documents…

It saddens me to see the media fulfill the dreams of the two Columbine killers (I will not mention their names) with the continued coverage of their actions and publication of their names and faces at almost every “appropriate” opportunity (“Documents show progression of hate,” July 7). I read an excerpt from one of the killers’ writings shortly after the event that stated that one of his goals was to become famous through his actions and become immortalized by the media.

The media in their never-ending pursuit of the sensational has fulfilled their perverted dreams and goals by keeping their faces and names in the headlines. This could give others similar goals, knowing that they will be made famous through media attention. The Columbine story could be told in such a way as to help pass on its lessons, learned at such a heavy price, without plastering the names and faces of the perpetrators and keeping them “famous.”



While I do agree the media has more than sensationalized these stories I have to disagree with the words famous and fame. The more appropriate words are infamous and infamy. Fame implies that they’ve done something noteworthy or something that people enjoyed. While there are those dregs of society I refer to as mutants who do take pleasure in Columbine, they are but the smallest of minorities. Infamy refers to notoriety through heinous or despicable acts. And it really doesn’t matter if their wish can be viewed as fulfilled or not. There’s not a whole lot they can do with that wish in hell.

8 thoughts on “Wish fulfilled?

  1. Jim says:

    whats up with the smilies ?


  2. Trench says:

    I don’t know. 😦


  3. Lach Graham says:

    ya know Trench, the problem with all that fame and infamy stuff is that the Media gives more attention to the infamous. The media would rather talk about Eric Harris than discuss some successful celebrity like Arnold Swarzeneggger.

    The media not only gives disturbed teenagers the idea that they will be infamous, it also makes them know they will be remembered more significantly.

    When Winona Ryder shoplifted it was made out to be a big deal and no one defended her or offered sympathy.

    When POS like Harris and Klebold murder 13 people ruthlessly, there’s people here and there sympathising.
    “Oh it’s okay if you killed innocent people because you were bullied, but if you shoplift, you’re Satan himself.

    It’s bullshit, it really is. Why can’t all mutants just kill themselves? It would be better for everyone, even themselves. HOW CAN PEOPLE BE DRIVEN TO END ANOTHER ONE’S LIFE?

    I recently lost a close friend and the emotional pain is almost unbearable. How can someone bring themselves to kill innocent teenagers with their entire life ahead of them? It’s just algae in the Gene Pool.


  4. Trench says:

    More like pond scum than algae.


  5. Jim says:

    fish crap that makes the pond scum that grows into algae in the gene pool 😆


  6. trooper says:

    to blame harris and klebold for the idea of making people remember them for there final acts is stupid bryant said he would be remembered before killing 35 as did starkweather who was teased at a young age and even his final statement ‘society full of goddamn sons of biches always looking for someone to make fun of’ . infamy has always been a motive so dont blame the first scapegoat that comes to mind


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