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Judge says teenager in shooting should receive house arrest:

The appeal for the ridiculously light sentence Pine Middle School shooter James Scott Newman received has been denied…

A judge on Friday agreed that a 14-year-old Pine Middle School student who shot a classmate should be sentenced to house arrest.

Prosecutors challenged Court Master Janet Schmuck’s May ruling involving James Newman, who said he brought his father’s gun to school March 14 because he was sick of being made fun of.

But Washoe District Family Court Judge Frances Doherty sided with Schmuck’s ruling, dismissing claims that Schmuck abused her discretion.

Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick had called Schmuck’s ruling “crazy,” and during Friday’s hearing, Deputy District Attorney Jo Lee Wickes said Schmuck’s decision did not consider public safety.

Wickes added that Newman would benefit more from being incarcerated because he would have more education, socialization and recreation opportunities.

Newman’s attorney, David Houston, said the boy is doing well on house arrest and that psychiatrists deemed him a low risk to commit similar violent offenses.

Houston said the prosecutor’s claim that Schmuck abused her discretion was based on “societal revenge” because he was not incarcerated for a crime that sent fear through the school and the community.

Schmuck has said she struggled with the sentencing and wanted to give Newman and his family a chance to “make it work.”

Schmuck ordered that Newman and his family undergo counseling, that all weapons be removed from their home and that he complete 200 hours of community service.

Newman also cannot get a driver’s license until 90 days after his 16th birthday and can’t get a hunting license for two years.

Justice in Reno is not only blind it’s also retarded.

One thought on “Newman’s sentencing appeal denied

  1. Nettie says:

    Hey Trench, a present for you just to make you feel a bit better about some courts still having some common sense, and even though I now live in London, England, I am as proud as ever to be from Missouri.


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