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Police: Teen admits being involved in Sugar Land murder:

One of Ashton Glover’s killers has confessed…

RICHMOND–One of the teens charged in the slaying of Ashton Glover has given police a statement admitting his involvement in the killing, Fort Bend County officials said today.

Investigators were preparing to bring Matthew R. McCombs, 18, from the St. Clair County jail in Port Huron, Michigan to Texas when the teen told police he wanted to talk, Chief Deputy Craig Brady of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office said today.

”Ultimately he gave confession admitting his involvement in the murder,” Brady said.

Brady declined to provide any details about McComb’s statement other than it took several hours.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton Wright said the statement greatly strengthens the state’s case against the pair.

“It makes the case. We had a good case, I think now we have an airtight case,” Wright said.

Wright said the statement corroborates evidence already collected in the probe.

McCombs and Sean H. Berry, 18, both of Sugar Land, were arrested Wednesday night trying to enter Canada from Port Huron.

From the impression I get, it sounds like he’s rolling over on his partner Sean Brown. I also get the impression that Brown is the “ringleader”.

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