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Last night I watched the movie Zero Day. For those of you who haven’t heard of Zero Day, it’s about a fictitious school shooting filmed from the point of view of the shooters much like what Harris and Klebold did with their basement tapes. As far as movies about school shootings go Zero Day is the best. It is much more interesting than the crap fest that is Elephant and much more realistic than Home Room. In my opinion, the director tried to make it like Columbine without it actually being Columbine. What at first I didn’t like about the movie turns out makes the movie better and more disturbing. In the actual basement tapes, you can see the anger and hatred in Harris and Klebold. In Zero Day the actors were much more subdued about the whole thing. My only complaint about the film isn’t with the film itself, it’s the fact that the mutants look at this as almost a “fan film” when I’m pretty sure that this was not the film’s intent. Anyway, I won’t spoil any more of it but I highly recommend that anybody, especially those with kids still in school, to watch this movie.

One thought on “Zero Day

  1. Random says:

    Damn good movie. Way better than Duck! and Elephant.


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