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Dylan Klebold in Love:

When the Columbine documents were released the mutant reaction was one of apathy. Most of the reactions went along the lines of “Well it’s bad that Eric Harris was a racist and a homophobe but look at how cute Dylan Klebold was for writing love letters”. I think this article has a much more realistic perspective…

We don’t know whether Klebold ever summoned the nerve to deliver the love letter. We just know that, mixed in with the grotesque torments that impelled Klebold and Harris to slaughter their schoolmates, there dwelt (within Klebold, at least; experts now believe Harris was more clearly psychopathic) recognizably human torments more typical of the adolescent male. To some, this may make Klebold seem more sympathetic. To me, it makes the very notion of love, or at least teenage infatuation, seem much darker and creepier. This is not to say that I would recommend that school officials across the country mobilize en masse to expel all young swains who declare their love to unsuspecting schoolgirls. (The high schools would be emptied within a week.) Judging from the text of Klebold’s letter, it shouldn’t be as difficult as many suppose to spot the distinct warning signs that a young man is seriously deranged. Still, I’m not sure I’ll ever think the same way about what it means to have a secret admirer.

Even monsters are capable of love but it never stops them from killing the villagers.

10 thoughts on “Love letter from Hell

  1. spacer says:

    at this rate, we should just merge our sites


  2. Zina says:

    I am disgusted to realize that still many people believe that Harris and Klebold did not have feelings. After having read the private diary of Harris, it appears obvious that it was also sensitive, if not more Klebold. And why the fact that Harris was psychopathe returns it attaching less? REB was very strong in writing, and it was very lucid and conscious, it saw the world such as it was really. Me I find that that returns it attaching, in spite of what it did of evil. You know, the love cannot nothing make when the evil is made. The shepherd can like his sheep, if it made to pretence of not reconnaitre the wolf disguised in lamb, the predator will eat the herd. It is the law of the natural selection… Oh and please, nobody is born killer, they become. And it’s not the fault of the parents. Here, in Canada, it’s really difficult to get guns. Kids do not have access to guns. If they want to kill, they must in general use a knife. Are you agree: it’s easier psychologically and physically to kill out of people with bombs and rifles than with a knife or its own hands…
    With all my respect,


  3. Trench says:

    I am disgusted to realize that still many people believe that Harris and Klebold did not have feelings.

    I beleive it. I just don’t care.


  4. Zina says:

    Ok. You don’t care. I respect your way of thinking. But please… I don’t want miss you respect. I just don’t understand why you don’t care. Perhaps I am less wise that I thought… There is only thing I would like you explains me, Trench : how can you succeed in preventing this kind of massacre if nobody is interested in the feelings of KIDS like Éric Harris and Dyland Klebold. The best way of preventing this kind of event, in my opinion, is to try to understand and love all these Kids. I believe that the love can save them, but not as you speak about it here. Not the love of one girl who don’t know Klebold loved her ! How I want to say, it is that those which you call bastard were only childrens! It is strange which many children as them enormously do evil things and than they will leave ourselves there always just because the kind of wounds which they have made were psychological. When a child is malicious, you ear things like that: oh, don’t care, he’s just a kid. And when this same child stupidly decides that it will kill with rifles, curiously everybody transforms him into bastard. They are children who have feelings, and if everyone continues to not worry, that will go worse and worse. Then please dear Trench, will you explain me why you continues not to care you about that?
    You know, I am very different of you. My ideas are completely contrary with your’s. But I very like what you do here, because this kind of exchanges between so different people could not exist in other way. Thank U to seek to understand why our Kids are becoming dangerous wolves. Cordially


  5. Trench says:

    I care about kids feelings but it shouldnt be an excuse for killing. Even if we were to eliminate bullying and ostracizing some kids will always find some reason to pick up weapons. It’s not just guns either. There have been attacks with knives and homemade bombs. The logical way to prevent these attacks is for the parents to step in when they realize there is something wrong with their kids.


  6. Zina says:

    That time I agree. I agree to that point: feelings are not a reason to kill humans. There is no good reason to kill, war include. Except that there was in Columbine, according to information which I read (Brook Brown you know? Friend of them), much factors which carried out to a catastrophe of the kind, amongst other things those privileges granted to the athletes of the school (the sporting trophies are in the hall of the school and those of art and literature in the content of one corridor to the back of the school). All non-sport kids feel they are an outcast ! I already lived the emotive loss of control following repeated psychological aggressions. And there I acknowledge you to have been dangerous in this moments. But me, I never bought rifle! I don’t have riffles ! I know that if I loses control, that will be easy to kill. You know, I often wish or dream to kill but I don’t want to do it. I will ot ever kill humans. But why sometimes I’m happy that some take guns and do it… Why? … I try to undestand mylself in that.

    So ! Firstly, there is no good reason to have a rifle at house. For hunting? Come one. How many American who has a rifle go hunting? … Guns are made for kill. The problem, in USA : almost everybody have weapons so they keep them because everybody are afraid of the guns of their neighbors. There should be in the USA of the kinds of banks in which people would deposit their rifles and would make use of it only for hunting. In this way, Kids could not take them!

    When we think of the killers of Columbine, it is true that they used bombs. But they killed nobody whit it no? They could, but that proves that bombs made by some 18 year old kids are not often effective…

    For the knives, I remember to have read they carried some but not that they had used them to wound or kill the pupils. So all victims where killed by shotguns ! Agree??

    In his journal, Harris wait for guns !!! Do anything whitout guns he said. And thinking of Harris and Klebold, let us not forget which they were more intelligent than the major part of the young people of their age: the young people who make bombs and use them are rather rare, no? And all the logistic… Kids like them are rare, but groupies are epidemic ! We talk of isolated cases here with REB n V. And there is the natural selection : isolated cases.

    Obviously, you said it : there will be always young people disturbed psychologically or with psychoses to take the weapons for stupid reasons. But you know, they will be isolated cases, and not a threat of epidemic of murder as that which we live at present !

    God love you and also love me, he also love his kids who kills ! God love everybody, Jesus too, also Barabas and the jewish who cucified him ! Because God know that : if he hated only one of his child, if he gave this child to satan, he lost. And God never lost because He is perfect ! So we need to try to do like him… Always love everybody who is different. Jesus said that it’s very acting like God to CHOSE to love your enemies !

    Read you later


  7. dark soldeir says:

    4 the LOVE OF SOMETHING FRICKEN GREAT DO NOT PREACH .YOU cant quote ‘natural selection’ then praise YOURE lord!.darwinism in its articles of the struggle for existance and instinct and the whole philosophy of natural selection is to be beleive in primal evolution to get a better hand on youre comrades or foes in the basic order of survival of the fittest.darwins whole evolution’ or monkey theory was based on evoltionism in fact the whole basis of evolutionism or survivalism faith depends on the declanation of any omnipotent form.

    was klebolds letter to that chick he went to prom with?.i remember she supposedly said that ‘ever he loves me or im veeeery persuisive’.sorry zina i hope that didnt come off to you as a personilised attack on u or youre faith just it bugs me when people whove never even read or at least understood its context find it fitting to qoute it.


  8. This is a letter of awareness to my fellow citizens. I have raised 3 children of my own….the state awarded me and my boyfriend custody of his child 4 years ago. I am at the end of all ropes. My boyfriends son I believe is either a really bad child or mentally ill to the point of no return. He has no feelings toward me, his father, our dog, or any child or adult near him. I never seen this behavior in all my years. He trys to control our house and our lives at 14….finally he attacked his teacher in school(trying to put a fork in her eye and a pencil in her head). Nobody wanted to believe me and his father how destructive, uncaring and with no feelings would attack us…our dog…neighbors….etc. We finally had to go to a probation officer, dhhr, and the court system . We went to court and the judge ruled for him to be in a Institution for long term therapy….We are presently awaiting on paper work to get him there. Take heed in signs of destruction, not listening to anything …vilent rages and outbursts with knives or whatever they get there hands on,fraudulant schemes, stealing,compulsiveness of any degree,hate for women,repeated bad behavior and turning everyone into thinking bad thoughts of you that are not true,destructing everything in your house little by little as a means of getting back at you when you try discipline,playing you against the one you love. These are just some of the signs ……as well as harming your animal when its not in the same room, or trying to stick your grandchild with something(6 months old). I am disturbed to think its taking the system a month and the paperwork is not done yet…..I fear for my safety and my mans , as well as others. They can be so innocent but so decieving in nature. He just turned 14 and I don’t know if he will ever be sane mind wise. God Bless and I hope that this helps someone else.


  9. Megan says:

    it is cute that he wrote love letters! 😀


  10. Trench says:

    I think it’s cute that you thought you could form a sentence.


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