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Ashton Glover Killed for Morbid Curiosity?:

This is another great article from the fine folks at Crime Library. Check out the details of Ashton Glover’s murder by Matt McCombs…

SUGAR LAND, Tx. (Crime Library) Matthew McCombs, 18, Ashton Glover’s former classmate told police that he and neighbor Sean Brown, also 18, went riding with Sugar Land, Texas, 16-year-old teenager Ashton Glover July 7. After getting out of the car, and without any warning or provocation, McCombs pulled out a rare revolver that he had stolen and shot Ashton in the head, killing her. The two men then left Ashton’s body where she lay and went for some breakfast. After their breakfast, McCombs and Brown went back to the field and buried Ashton’s body. Then went home to sleep.

Why did McCombs do this? “Morbid curiosity” is what he told the police.

This story, first reported by Eric Hanson in the Houston Chronicle, suggests that prosecutors may not be treating this as a capital case. Perhaps because they have not yet been made aware of things that McCombs had published that put his killing of Ashton Glover in a new light.

In an earlier Crime Library story on this case, Steve Huff pointed out that McCombs had put on his MySpace pages that when he grew up, he wanted to be a “killer,” and that his goal this year “was not to get caught.”

So, he steals a revolver a few weeks ago from a friend in Kerrville, takes the loaded pistol with him on this ride with unsuspecting Ashton, and once they are miles away in a rural construction site where the shot won’t be heard, he pulls out the gun and executes his first kill.

Sounds like premeditation to me.

Not only that but shouldn’t the cold-blooded way that McCombs killed her carry any weight towards the charges?

Personally, I hope he gets a date with the needle.

3 thoughts on “Morbid Curiosity II

  1. Jackie says:

    This may be a morbidly curious question, but can it be premeditated if he didn’t care who the victim was?


  2. I don’t see why not. He meant to kill someone he just wasn’t sure who.


  3. pat says:

    You know Trench, you are right. The more I hear about this story the sicker I get to my stomach.

    These guys are totally nihilistic. they went for breakfast? Who the hell can eat after shooting someone?

    And yes, it was premeditated to murder that specific girl, otherwise they would not have driven so far out of the way, gone through the trouble to hide the body or flee the country.

    And they did this in the only state that has an express lane for the death penalty. Happy trails, los idiotos!


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