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Yates’ ex-husband criticizes prosecutors:

Can you believe the nerve of this jackhole?…

Rusty Yates lashed out Thursday at prosecutors who spent five years pursuing murder charges against his ex-wife, saying they misrepresented certain details of the day Andrea Yates drowned their five children.

Rusty Yates told The Associated Press that Andrea Yates never told him, “I finally did it” in her telephone call to him after the drownings, as a Houston police officer testified during her second trial.

“It’s been printed in papers as fact, and it’s absolutely not true,” he said. “Much of the state’s case was built on lies.”

“In the first trial, they said Andrea did this to try to get out, whatever that means, which sounded like she wasn’t happy at home … and this time they said she wanted to run off with me into the sunset,” he said. “Well, which is it?

“The fact is, they spent five years and still don’t have a reason why she did it because they are unwilling to look at the fact she was psychotic. That’s the only reasonable explanation for her behavior.”

Yates, an engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, said he plans to visit his ex-wife regularly, but his role in her life will diminish as he moves on with his own. He remarried in March and has now has two stepsons.

“I don’t forget my children, and I don’t forget Andrea, but I don’t dwell on it either. I try to remember my children fondly,” he said. “I’m building new life … and have a new family and am more focused on them.”

As far as I’m concerned this assclown is just as much at fault as his ex-wife. If he didn’t push his wife into being a baby making machine after having been hospitalized with postpartum depression then we wouldn’t even know who Andrea Yates is.

5 thoughts on “Rusty Yates doesn’t know when to shut up

  1. betsy says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! He owns a big piece of what happened to those children and he gets to “move on” with his life.


  2. Nettie says:

    Totally agree.


  3. Jim says:

    baby making machine… lol


  4. Patti Delarosbel says:

    He should in NO way be responsible for HER actions. He left her alone for one hour ,,, what about the doctors that let her go home saying she was stable enough in the first place ?? Someone had to keep bringing money in, there were 7 mouths in the house to feed and they were a young couple .. Come on people let the man go on with his life, he is obviously a good enough man to still be concerned with the one person that took all his childrens lives in thier own hands and murdered them.


  5. Jim says:

    now that this story is old, its fun to make fun of… I got a kick out of a radio show doing the “Andrea Yates challenge” during one of their venues.

    basicly, one had to hold 7 ballons under water for as long as they could.

    I do so love the cringe humor 😈


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