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Shooter gets 10 years, while victim and his family get life sentence:

This is a great article about a real victim in a school shooting. The one who is actually shot. Not these cowards with guns who have delusions that they were wronged somehow…

The gavel came down in the Roseburg courtroom a few weeks ago. Fifteen-year-old Vincent Leodoro will spend the next 10 years in custody for trying to kill 16-year-old Joe Monti at Roseburg High School last February.

Sentence pronounced. Justice done.

Well, no. Not in this society. Not unless you think saddling Joe Monti’s mother, Yvonne Allison, with crushing debt is justice. Yvonne says Joe’s medical bills from the shooting are about $2 million.

Did I mention Yvonne is a single mom who does not work outside the home because she is a full-time caregiver for two disabled sons, whose fathers are dead? Yvonne used to have only one disabled son until Joe was shot four times by an angry high school freshman, who used a semi-automatic pistol with hollow-point bullets.

“He currently has no feeling in his right foot, so he shuffles,” Yvonne says. “He also has many fragments of bullets in his back they were unable to remove.” Joe’s entire life may be affected by the nature of his injuries. “He asked why this happened to him. I said, ‘I’m sorry, Joseph. I don’t know.’ ”

Yvonne was at home on the small ranch outside Roseburg, early Feb. 23. Her oldest son, Eric, 35, owns the ranch and lets Yvonne live there. For years Yvonne has been caregiver for her son Justin, who’s 23.

“He was born with neurofibromatosis,” she says. Sometimes wrongly called the “Elephant Man disease,” it’s an incurable genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow. “His eye was removed when he was 6. By 8 he’d had a craniotomy. . . . He also has brain cancer, but it’s in remission.”

Yvonne is angry that news accounts after the shooting appeared to blame Joe, always mentioning a minor school bus incident he had been involved in. “Joe is not a bully,” she says. (In fact, Vince told police he had not been a victim of bullying.) “But the reports made it sound like this was all Joe’s fault, and it wasn’t in any way. It was the fault of an insecure, immature 14-year-old boy who had access to deadly weapons.”

No matter how many reconstructive surgeries he endures, Joseph will never be the same strong boy he was the morning he was shot. He may never regain feeling in his right foot and be able to walk normally.

And Yvonne cannot imagine how she ever will pay the enormous debt she now owes. She had no medical insurance when Joseph was shot; she could not afford payments. And she had not enrolled the family in the Oregon Health Plan because she was only living in Oregon part-time because Justin’s doctors all are in California.

And that’s only part of the article. I defy someone to tell me that the gunmen in these school shootings are victims.

18 thoughts on “No real justice in Roseburg

  1. cmarie says:

    Maybe the shooter should have to pay the bills. When he gets out and set free in ten years, he can go to work and spend the rest of his life paying for the mess he made. I doubt that would ever happen, because somehow he is not responsible. He can just throw a tantrum and everyone else will clean up the mess, or try to anyway. It is really heartbreaking what the victim and his family are having to go through and I think the shooter is getting off the hook pretty damn easy. 😦


  2. Alyric says:

    Apparently justice is blind, deaf, and mentally challenged.


  3. Thanks Trench. Too many times, once the trial is over, it is forgotten that for the victim and the victim’s family- it still isn’t over. For this boy and for many others- it is a life sentence.


  4. Jim says:

    10 years isnt enough


  5. Nettie says:

    She is welcome to sue the shooter civilly, but that will do no good in my opinion. You can’t get blood out of a stone, and surely this kid that shot him will likely, and justifiably, have a hard time finding decent employment upon his release.

    He was a minor, however, and therefore his family are legally responsible (in most states) for his actions. She could opt to sue them, but I have no idea of what kind of financial state they are in and have had trouble trying to ascertain that thru what media coverage I could get of them. In the end, it may be just another legal cost she can’t afford to try to get more blood out of another stone. For shame, this makes me sick.


  6. cmarie says:

    I know they will never get money out of the shooter or his family, so I guess they have to happy with his sentence of ten years in juvie. It seems very unfair to the victim and his family. They have had a load of difficulties placed on them for no good reason and the punk will never have to deal with any of that. And even aside from money the emotional trauma the victim must be going through as he tries to understand why this happened to him, it is really sad. 😥


  7. Lach Graham says:

    It wouldn’t be right to sue the family they may be LEGALLY responsible, but that’s about as far as it is their responsibility. I think the victim’s bill should be payed by a larger power, e.g. the government. It should not be up to a parent to pay for her son’s injuries when he gets shot.

    I mean, for heaven’s sake, how is it that this kid can be shot but the parent made to pay? Expenses should be wavered in these cases victims of would-be murderers shouldn’t be burdened with paying their medical bills just because they had the rude audacity to SURVIVE.

    It’s just a load of bullshit. That poor family. Fucking mutants.


  8. cmarie says:

    “Because he had the audacity to survive” Great choice of words Lach!


  9. Nettie says:

    To be honest, I understand where you are coming from on the “parents didn’t pull the trigger” arguement, but to say they are in no way responsible other than legally??

    What in the hell are these parents DOING nowadays while their kids are off getting guns, making bombs and hurting or killing other people? Because surely they aren’t doing a very good job of parenting.

    By the way, many times where do these kids learn their morals and ethics from if not their parents? What ever happened to the days of hitting a baseball thru the neighbors window and so dad comes out and apologizes for the incident offering to pay? Why did dad offer to pay? Because dad felt an obligation to do so because it was HIS child, whom he wasn’t watching at the time who had done the deed, and it was the right thing to do, ethically, respectfully, and legally. Anymore, parents of children seem to be more interested in making lame excuses for their behavior rather than making amends or taking any blame onto themselves for being a crap parent, so in my opinion, they can and should be held responsible, even up to the point in some cases, such as Columbine, of having to serve jail sentences themselves for what is obviously gross negligence in raising their child.

    I swear, lol. Blame the government and use my families tax money, who raised 5 good children who don’t shoot people, to pay for this, instead of the parent of the kid who obviously isn’t that interested in parenting????? Nope, can’t go along with that. Do appreciate your point of view though.


  10. cmarie says:

    Nettle, I agree with you whole heartedly. Why should the taxpayers carry the burden for the crimes committed? On the other hand, these losers will never be able to compensate this family for their medical bills so what can we do? I guess the lesson is: you or your children can cause all kinds of destruction, damaging and ruining lives in your wake and we’ll give you a slap on the wrist and someone else will pay the damages incurred. Go ahead, shoot, stab, bomb – we’ve got you covered you poor little idiot.
    Another thing, as a parent I feel that parents are rarely held accountable for their children’s behavior, and I personally think it is a bunch of bull that great parents who love their kids and take part in their lives raise killers who inexplicably go crazy one day. If anything, the parents of these little gems blame society, the schools whatever and most people buy it! There is a huge lack of discipline out there, children are their own masters, although they lack the maturity or life experience to be on their own. Just my opinion, I know.
    A year or two ago in Florida (St. Pete I think) the police were called on a girl who was having an uncontrollable tantrum at school. They had it on film, they had had problems before over and over again with her, and do you think her mom was embarrassed at all??? No, she called the local news with plans of sueing the school for traumatizing her daughter. That is how I heard about it, it was national news. All I kept thinking is that girl needs a good whipping! I would be mortified if that were my kid, and let me tell you it would only happen once, not over and over again! No one is responsible for their behavior or their parenting, we are turning into a society of blamers.
    I am enjoying the conversation here, it is nice to see others who are concerned, thanks Trench for giving us this place! -)


  11. Nettie says:

    /big nod in agreement


  12. Ed says:

    This story made my day more than anything I have seen on this site or news of doom. I’m glad the kid who gave nothing but shit for the shooter is living in life long debt. All you other idiots need to shut up and suck it up.


  13. Jim says:

    huh ? could you say that in english please ?


  14. Trench says:

    Edgar slipped out of the cornfield but he’s back now.


  15. Jim says:

    LMAO… fucking Edgar.
    sneaky bitch and his bastardised palaver 😛


  16. Jesse says:

    Well, I go to RHS and I was a freshman when that happend last year. I was about 30 yards away from where Joe got shot (in between the cafeteria and the main) and no doubt, it was scary and I don’t think Vincent should have reacted in such a way. It just bothers me because I know both Vince and Joe ( Joe is a year older than me and his class was in the vo-tech where mine was so I saw him everyday 1st period) I know how everybody is saying that Joe was just an innocent kid who just happend to get shot by psycho Vincent but I think they both had problems. But I just think everybody should know that Joe wasn’t the nicest kid in the school. My best friend rode Joe’s and Vince’s bus and they told me some of the stories about Joe. So, I think that it was some of Joe’s actions that sent Vince on a angry rampage. Vince didn’t just one day wake up and decide he wanted to kill Joe unless Joe had done something bad enough to actually make somebody freak out like that.


  17. Chris A. says:

    Okay, first off, I have to agree, this kid that did the shooting should absolutely be held responsible, as should the parents, however I also think that the victim isn’t nearly as “innocent” as people are making out. He stayed at Mercy, and from the nurses that were taking care of him, it was remarked on just how rude and foul mouthed this kid was to ANYONE that tried to help him at the hospital. My guess, this is how he is most times. I have 9 kids myself, and I know that respect is something that I have always, ALWAYS stressed to my kids. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to happen anymore.


  18. rhs student says:

    Joe is a bully. hes not a nice kid. you should have seen how he talked to the nurses at the hospital and how he treated kids at the high school it was totally Joe’s fault he pushed the kid to far with spitting in his face! i totally hate Joe because he picked on my best friend!tell he moved away.


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