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Attorney Calls Bail ‘Unconstitutional’ For Teen Accused in Tongan Deaths:

San Jose, Calif. (KCBS) — The attorney for a Redwood City woman accused of causing the death of two members of a Tongan royal family and their driver, said her $3 million bail is outrageous.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan reported that attorney Randy Moore said he would file an appeal as soon as today.

“It’s unconstitutional to give somebody $3 million in bail and in fact what you’re doing is giving them no bail at all,” said Moore.

Edith Delgado, 18, pleaded not guilty on July 7 in San Mateo County Superior Court to three counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence for her alleged role in the July 5 crash on Highway 101 in Menlo Park.

Mr. Moore has quite the flair for the dramatic, doesn’t he? The eighth amendment states…

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Considering she was taking part in a reckless and dangerous activity that resulted in the death of three people I don’t think the bail is excessive at all.

6 thoughts on “Delgado’s attorney says $3M bail is excessive

  1. Kinia Pahulu Taufa says:

    I don’t know if my comment will affect peoples opinion’s in any way, but I hope people does think about what I’m about to write. What if the two Tongan Royal Couple’s was a known leader from the United States…for example… George Bush and his wife…and the driver was thier personal trusted driver. Do you think that the person who was wrecklessly driving, only get eight years and $3 million dollars in bail. I didn’t think so, either. Think about it…this was The Tongan Community/ The Tongan People Leader, and if this was the president of the United States, the people of the U.S., wouldn’t let Edith Delgado or her family go to sleep.


  2. irene says:

    Yes you are wright but then again it is unconstitutional becuase she isn’t getting a fair trial because as far as i know a human being are human being regardless of the politial status so why is a politicians life worth more the a sivilian? Can anyone answer that or can you say its fair that one’s life is worth more than another?


  3. Kinia says:

    That is very true, but then you have to think about it. She didn’t just take away one life, she took away three lives. It doesn’t matter if it was a politician or a regular civilian trying to get from one place to another. How much is your life worth? No one can put a price on a person’s life, but the matter of the fact is, she only gets eight years, with a three million dollar bail. I have seen someone go away for twenty-five to life for committing to ONE man slaughter, and had no bail submitted to it’s sentence. How can you say it’s unconstitutional. She can come out of jail in eight years, but the question for her is, when is Prince Tu`ipelehake, Princess Kaimana and Vinisia Hefa coming out of there eternal sleep. Edith Delgado was not intoxicated with any drugs/alchohol, so she knew that speeding could cause a collision or hurt herself or someone else.


  4. Unknown says:

    I totally agree w/ Kinia. The gyrl was not under the influence w/ any drugs or alcohol. She knew exactly what she was doing that very moment she sped across the freeway. She put herself and other peoples lives in theres no excuse for all that. Shes lucky she even gets bail..and 8 yrs is nothing for killing 3 innocent people.


  5. Kinia says:

    Okay…if people can differentiate the difference between threats, accusations, and facts…we can all talk like normal human beings…there is a reason why I commented the editor, but for real though…there are a few people that are really acting like an ass on here, making unecessary comments, to make people pissed off. How about I make the comment in Tongan, just to piss you off more….SIO MAI HO FANGA TANGA-MIMI…`USI…TOHi AU KIHE `ETITA…KAE TOKi `ITA `AE FANGA TAKO IA!!! YEEE!! I feel better now…Please, if you still have a comment…get on 101 North from East Palo Alto, go to Marsh Road exit, and make a right at the light. Go all the way to the end….when you see a tongan flag, get out and tell them your comment, don’t be a burrito internet gangstah and talk all you shiet….alu `o kai ha fo`i tortilla!!


  6. Edith Pani ta&#039e says:

    I feel very sypathetic towardz Edith…She’z probably getting her ass beaten every day by the Tongan Gurlz that are doing more time in jail for minor crimes! Even If she does come out of jail after 8 years…….more likely She will still get her ass beaten again. Feelin real sorry for Her….For all the Tongans out there when Edith will finally be set free Tau tu’u hake tau tolu o tui’i ia mo ene kaa…and for those who dont understand what i just said, WE FORGIVE EDITH! its all about forgive and Forget people!


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