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Dyleski’s Friend Testifies Against Him:

The following Tuesday, Oct. 18, Dyleski told Croen he was going to confess to the credit card scheme because he was afraid it would link him to the murder, Croen said.

Croen said Dyleski seemed anxious and was talking fast.

While Croen was worrying about getting caught for the credit card fraud, Dyleski said something strange, Croen said.

“He said the person he had seen on his walk was the person who had been killed,” Croen said. He said that Dyleski had told him that the woman had grabbed his wrist.

“He said he was afraid of being linked to the killing by some kind of DNA evidence,” Croen said.

Croen said that he had been unable to get a coherent answer from Dyleski about how he would be linked to the killing or how his DNA would be found at the murder scene.

Dyleski was arrested on Oct. 19 and Croen didn’t see him again until the preliminary hearing. Croen’s family hired a lawyer and Croen was given immunity in exchange for his testimony.

To me, Dyleski sounds like a little kid who is telling a bunch of lies to throw off suspicion even though it makes him look guilty.

Witness Casts Doubt On Dyleski’s Alleged Motive:

A prosecution witness in the Scott Dyleski murder trial testified Wednesday morning that the alleged plot to buy marijuana-growing equipment, his purported motive in the killing, had been foiled the day before 52-year-old Pamela Vitale was slain in her Lafayette home.

According to prosecutor Harold Jewett, Dyleski broke into the house Vitale shared with her husband, Daniel Horowitz, at 1901 Hunsaker Canyon Road and bludgeoned her to death as a part of a plot to buy lighting equipment for growing marijuana indoors using stolen credit card information.

Jackie Jahoski, owner of Specialty Lighting where Dyleski allegedly attempted to buy the lights, said Dyleski had placed four orders on Thursday, Oct. 13, using two separate credit cards. He requested that the lights be shipped by next-day air.

Jahoski said she became suspicious when the billing addresses didn’t match the shipping addresses. She said she notified Dyleski that she could only ship to the billing address, at which point Dyleski canceled his order.

She said he called back a short time later and asked for the order to be shipped to the billing address, 1901 Hunsaker Canyon Road. The name on the credit card, however, was that of a different Hunsaker Canyon Road neighbor.

Jahoski said she told Dyleski on Friday, Oct. 14, that she would not be shipping the order anywhere because the credit card company had declined the purchase.

That testimony does call the motive into question but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Dyleski was trying to use the victim’s address.

One thought on “Friend testifies, motive in doubt

  1. Nettie says:

    There are actually three very good motives for murder given here.

    The first one, anger over what would have appeared to him to be Pams refusal to pay. The second possible motive, and its strange but been done before, would be to keep the credit card company from communicating with Pam, who would then be dead, so that he could go ahead and ship to the address that he thought was on the card without interuption since she would be “out of they way”.

    But the third is the most likely, and that is that he wanted to take her out before the credit card company and she both went to the authorities over the matter and the trail led back to him.

    It was a good day for the prosecution, this day.


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