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Dyleski’s girlfriend takes the stand:

MARTINEZ – Scott Dyleski told his girlfriend after the slaying of Pamela Vitale that if he was linked to the killing and a credit card fraud and had to spend his life in jail, he did not want her involved, the girlfriend testified Thursday.

Jena Reddy, 18, also testified that she and Dyleski had “experimented with inflicting pain on each other,” and discussed removing organs from people and torturing children.

“We would talk about it jokingly or hypothetically that if the child was being annoying, the possibilities we could do to keep it quiet,” she said.

Shortly after the killing, Reddy said, Dyleski told her that if he was blamed for the credit card fraud, somehow he could be blamed for the murder.

“(He said) something along the lines of if he was going to jail for life, he didn’t want to involve me … no matter whether he did it or not,” Reddy said.

“Did he tell you he did not do it,” deputy district attorney Harold Jewett asked.

“No,” Reddy replied.

Here’s what’s really scary…

Another neighbor testified Thursday how she got scared when she realized that her credit card has been used to order $2,300 of indoor plant lights that were to be billed to Vitale’s address. She said she was even more frightened when she found out Vitale had been killed.

Dyleski’s neighbor, Karen Schneider, testified that when she found the fraudulent charges on her credit card, she approached Dyleski’s mother, Esther Fielding, at a neighborhood meeting the day after Vitale’s death. Fielding and Dyleski were living at the home of Fred and Kim Curiel, whose house was listed as the shipping address on the order.

Schneider had run over and injured Fielding’s dog a month earlier, and she suspected that Fielding may have been putting veterinarian bills on her credit card, Schneider testified.

“I said, ‘It looks to me like you’ve already paid yourself back, and besides that, you’re trying to kill me,'” Schneider testified.

Did Dyleski kill the wrong person? Was his intended victim Karen Schneider? Could be.

One thought on “Dyleski’s girlfriend testifies

  1. Nettie says:

    Did I read this correctly? Discussed ways of dealing with noisy children by torture and/or mutilation and murder? Oh, yes, please don’t let my sarcasm show when I aknowledge the fact that it was just “hypothetically speaking”, naturally.

    What the hell? This is a star witness for the state?? She looks more like a Manson Family member testifying for another, a monster herself. This witness makes a good arguement for forced sterilization surgery in my opinion. She is what…..18? Plenty of time left in her young life to have children after this to remove the organs from if they won’t shut up……scary Trench?? Yes, plenty scary.

    And could Pam have been the wrong target? A possiblility for sure, but it is also possible that he had more than one target…..also scary.


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