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Saved from pimp:

Senate majority leader Joe Bruno’s missing granddaughter was found yesterday wandering the streets of Times Square with a self-declared pimp – who uses the Internet to entice young women into selling their bodies, police sources said.

Rachel Bruno, a beautiful 20-year-old blond, ran away from her parents’ upstate home last week after meeting the married grifter, John Savage, on, the sources said.

Images of half-naked women and piles of money decorate Savage’s MySpace page, which declares: “pimpin at its best.”

“I believe that I’m the solution for those who r lost or need elevation to there situation,” Savage writes. “My name is Jazzo and my interests in myspace is to meet beautiful young women that want to travel and get down wit a playa.”

Police were investigating if the admitted 30-year-old pimp had committed a crime relating to Rachel Bruno’s disappearance. He was arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant.

Cops found Bruno on W. 45th St. near Broadway shortly before 2 a.m.

Savage – who lists his occupation as “entertainment” and his income as “$60,000 to $75,000” on MySpace – was idling nearby in a new SUV. The cops asked Bruno to call him and tell him to drive over. When he did, they grabbed him, sources said.

“She was relieved to be home and scared to death and afraid she would be harmed,” the Republican added, before saying his granddaughter suffers from anorexia and “serious emotional problems” that affect her judgment.

Savage was being held by cops on a probation violation. He has been on probation since pleading guilty to attempting to bribe Bronx cops, offering them $690 for information on prostitution sweeps in 2002.

I was unable to find Savage’s MySpace at this time. Any help with that would be appreciated.

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