The Paramedic Predator

Man pleads no contest in MySpace sex case:

SANTA CRUZ — A former paramedic faces a maximum sentence of three years, eight months in state prison for having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl he lured to his house after meeting her on the Internet.

Nathan John Contos, 27, pleaded no contest in Santa Cruz County Superior Court on Thursday to two counts of child molesting and a misdemeanor count of possessing child pornography. He likely will have to register as a sex offender, attorneys said.

Contos, of Santa Cruz, conversed with the girl in an AOL chat room and through the popular for about a month before meeting and engaging in what investigators have called “inappropriate sexual contact.” He also asked the girl to send him nude photos of her, which she did.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested him in February.

“He’s an adult who intentionally went onto the Internet, targeted a child and molested her,” prosecutor Jeff Rosell said. “He’s a predator.”

The no-contest plea means Contos does not dispute the charges against him and is considered by the court as equal to a guilty plea.

“Today he accepted responsibility for the mistake he made,” lead defense attorney George Gigarjian said Thursday.

His attorneys said they will ask that Contos be sentenced to probation and that it’s unlikely a judge would mete out the maximum sentence. Contos has no criminal history, his attorneys said.

“We think Nathan is a good young man,” said Gigarjian, who added that about two dozen people attended Thursday’s court proceedings to support his client.

Good young men don’t molest 14-year-old girls and possess child porn.

And I’m on a slump. I haven’t been able to find any MySpaces in a while. So if you know where Contos’ MySpace is please let me know.


  1. Actually they proved in court, the Sheriff’s actually admitted he never possesed any child porn, so trench you should really get your fact straight before you get sued


  2. no, at contos’ preliminary hearing, the forensice speciealts in charge of the computer working for the sherrifs admitted there was absolutely no child pornography on contos’ computer, none whatsoever! not even any of the “alleged victim”. So why was he charged and convicted of it? there was none!


  3. The only thing worse than posessing child pornography is falsely accusing one of possessing child pornography. I am very concerned with the actions of the Sherrif’s Dept. It seems the one in charge- Joseph Heartsner has conducted illegal behavior himself that could constitute him as a sex offender (public urination on a county building-gross!) I hope I never run into him in a dark alley. Yikes!
    “The ruling Sergeant, Joseph Heartsner, gained later fame by taking beer and fireworks from the evidence room of the sheriff’s office, and having a BIG party down at the county building, including the good sergeant getting drunk, exploding fireworks and pissing all over the building. Tracy allowed Heartsner to stay with the department until he retired. Santa Cruz Sheriff Mark Tracy had and has a bizarre appreciation for bad cops like none other, time and again ignoring or forgiving (“exonerating”) some of the most offensive, and even illegal, behavior ever exhibited by a peace officer — depending on who the victim was.”


  4. Well actually I am related to Nathan and I don’t know what to say except that it’s sad.


  5. Well Katty, Anon, Ally and Sarah, your child molesting paramedic has been convicted (that’s right, as in “guilty” and “he did it”), and then Nathan stood up in court and took “responsibility” (as in, that’s right, “guilty” and “I did it”). So you all will quit the apologist act, listen to the judge and defendant, and accept reality. I just hope to God you’re not parents, you stupid, stupid morons.


  6. So….apparently you people are saying he plead no contest? If I didn’t have child porn on my computer and I was innocent, I sure as heck would plead not guilty, deal with going through the long long trial, and go HOME. You know. Instead of saying “yeah I did it”. Denial is a powerful thing. NO ONE says they did something this serious who didn’t. Not unless they’re very, very sick in the head. Which of course, you have to be to possess child porn in the first place.


  7. i know this guy too, and it didn’t surprise me one bit. not only does it not surprise me he was guilty as sin, but i know he’s done other pretty reprehensible illegal things as well.


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