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Student’s arsenal: Sniper rifle, ninja sword, 3 other guns, flex cuffs, 150 bullets:

More on Robin Kittrell, the 17-year-old Georgia kid who was arrested for bringing an arsenal to school…

A Whitewater High School senior who brought two rifles and two handguns to campus in his car on the first day of school Monday had access to guns at his home with parental approval, according to Lt. Col. Bruce Jordan of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.

Another deputy remembered the student complained often of being bullied while in middle school.

I should have expected that.

Did Robin Kittrell, 17, of Carrollwood Drive in south Fayette County intend to take hostages or shoot anyone? “We don’t know if he had it in his gut to do it or not, but he definitely had it in his head,” Jordan said.

Deputies also discovered 25 “flex cuffs” in a utility belt, plastic ties that are normally used by police to bind the hands of suspects when regular handcuffs aren’t available, Jordan said.

“That was what scared me the most,” said the chief detective, alluding to the possibility that the student may have intended to take hostages during an attack on the school.

Kittrell, a member of the high school’s first senior class, was charged with six counts of possession of a weapon on school property and one count of possession of a concealed weapon after deputies found the sniper rifle, another rifle and a revolver inside his 1991 Volvo Monday morning. Officials also found more than 150 rounds of ammunition and a black outfit including a hood and military-style pants.

Also found in Kittrell’s car was a pair of binoculars, a large “ninja” style sword at least three feet long and a belt that included two “speed loaders,” devices that are used to quickly reload a revolver with six shots, police said.

The presence of all that gear left sheriff’s officials little doubt about Kittrell’s plan: to attack the school, Jordan said.

Kittrell told detectives why he brought the weapons to school, but Jordan declined to divulge that information other than to say Kittrell’s story was “ludicrous.”

In case you’ve forgotten his excuse was that he was defending himself in case of a Columbine-like attack.

Among the offensive gear found in Kittrell’s car was:

• A .22-caliber Colt competition rifle;

• A .30-cal. Carbine rifle;

• A .38-cal. Colt six-inch revolver; and

• A .22-cal. Colt competition semi-automatic handgun.

All the guns had been owned by Kittrell’s grandfather, uncle and father, and they were taken from a gun safe at the family’s home, Jordan said.

A search of the Kittrell home turned up nothing written in terms of any possible plans Kittrell had, but detectives seized his computer and will have it analyzed to see if it contains further evidence, Jordan said.

The investigation began when school principal Greg Stillions got information that Kittrell had brought a weapon on campus, Jordan said. Stillions then called Kittrell to his office and had the student searched, turning up a switchblade knife, Jordan said. Campus officials then searched Kittrell’s vehicle where the weapons cache was found, Jordan added.

More on this as info becomes available.

5 thoughts on “More on Robin Kittrell

  1. Nettie says:


    At least they have backed off the “he wears trenchcoats and plays video games” thing. It’s no better than “he listens to heavy metal music”, in my opinion and only serves to prove how out of touch many adults have become with youth today. Stereotyping these kids can be dangerous,and often times completely tragic (don’t get me started on the West Memphis 3 hehehe) The law enforcement officials are beginning to lose alot of credibility and respect of the pubilic, especially the youth, for constantly harping on the “goth” thing. And personally, I get sick to death of hearing it, too. I know lots of kids who play video games, listen to metal, and wear black leather coats who don’t kill people or blow schools up, thank you very much.


  2. Jim says:

    wait ? leather trench coats do not come with a curse that makes kids kill ?

    now I am baffled


  3. Elessarion says:

    Wow. Clearly trenchcoats are a threat now to society as we know it.

    I wonder if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will wear them…? -)


  4. Jim says:

    I believe the bible clearly described them as wearing dark eye makeup, long leather trenchcoats, and blasting Marylin Manson with an Ipod and some serious speakers (which by the way have the Dead Kennidys logo on the woofers)


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