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Teen With Arsenal Goes to Court:

Instead of attending his second day of school, a Fayette County high school senior was in court on Tuesday, after being arrested for bringing an arsenal of weapons to school.

The arrest happened on Monday at Whitewater High School in Fayetteville.

Authorities say 17-year-old Robin Kittrell drove to school with at least six weapons in his car.

Kittrell says he didn’t intend to start a Columbine-like disaster, he had the weapons in case there was one. But law enforcement and school officials say they don’t buy that. He is facing nine felony charges and the immediate future in jail.

“It had the potential to be incredibly disasterous – thank goodness the tip was received was acted on. Hats off to the tipster,” said Fayette County Police Captain Dwayne Prosser.

Over the summer, a student told school officials that Kittrell had been seen with weapons at Whitewater High School the previous school year. On Monday, the first day of school this year, a school resource officer searched the high school senior, and found a switchblade knife.

The officer then searched the trunk of Kittrell’s car and found more – handguns, a rifle, and a sword. While the guns were unloaded, the officer also found ammunition in the trunk.

“I can think of no good reason to bring these weapons to school. We have to take it seriously,” said Fayette District Attorney Scott Ballard.

Kittrell told authorities the weapons weren’t to cause violence, but to help prevent it.

“He believed should a Columbine-style incident take place, that he could assist authorities until they arrived,” said Ballard.

Um…yeah. Even if he honestly believed that he’s delusional at best.

After his arrest, investigators searched Kittrell’s home, and found a closet full of black clothes — trench coats, shirts, boots, and shoes. They also found video games investigators consider violent.

Aw shit, not this again. It won’t be long before we’ll be hearing from Jack Thompson.

As usual, the defense attorney provides some humor…

The teenager’s lawyer says the courts will have to consider Kittrell’s spotless past and excellent record as a student.

“We really think everything alleged against him now will fall by the wayside,” said defense attorney Brian Petterson.

Petterson tried to convince a magistrate judge that Kittrell is not a threat. It didn’t work.

The straight-A student, geography bee champion and member of the band will stay in jail for now. The grand jury isn’t expected to hear the case until this winter.

“Your honor just because my client showed up to school with enough weapons to make Rambo crap his pants that doesn’t make him a threat.”

Yeah, I’m not surprised that didn’t work.

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