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Friends come to defense of WHS student online

As expected in these cases the friends of Robin Kittrell, the Georgia teen who brought an arsenal to the first day of school, are coming to his defense…

Meanwhile, an online poster at The claiming to be one of Kittrell’s friends joined several other Whitewater students in defending his character but not the action he took.

One poster, whose online handle is Matted, said that Kittrell had the guns in his car “for some months, maybe more, in school and out, school and summer.”

“Were he going to use them to kill, he had PLENTY of opportunities,” the post continued. “And yes, he is paranoid, and he has a hero complex, but he planned nothing.”

One Web poster defending Kittrell griped about all the mudslinging against the student.

“Robin is a close friend and is one of if not the nicest and most chivalrous people I know,” user johnnycakes wrote. “He would never hurt anyone unless he or others were being endangered by a malicious force. Robin has never and would never display violent behaviors.”

Web user sthrngrl wrote: “I saw him as the guy who always opened the door for me, lent me extra change when I didn’t have enough for a coke, always gave me gum before class, every day, and when he was not there he left some the day before for us. If he ever saw anyone being picked on, especially girls, he would politely ask the person to stop. He watched out for people, and he was a polite gentleman for a change.”

If he is as paranoid as they say then how long would it have been before he reacted against a perceived threat even if it really wasn’t one?

3 thoughts on “Kittrell’s friends come to his defense

  1. Nettie says:

    I agree, Trench,

    Clearly this is not a guy with the typical mutant behavioral patterns, so I think we can possibly rule that out at least. But he is dispaying some paranoid tendencies with some fantasy elements thrown in there, to say the least, not that they are completely unfounded, because I feel that the goverment is playing all kinds of games by using fear against people right now, and I won’t get into all of that, because it will have me dodging all kinds of crap and side track this issue.

    But what you ARE seeing is the result of a government and media who is keeping average people afraid and guessing at all times where this “next threat to massive human life” is going to come from. This cannot continue without people, especially the young, cracking under the strain of always being afraid. It literally drives people insane after awhile. He won’t be the last, I’m afraid to say……unless some of this madness ends and ends soon. There will be little “Rambos” starting to pop up in many places, not just schools, and they won’t all be children, either. What do people THINK happens when you keep others in a constant state of fear and uncertaintly for an indefinite eriod of years, hmmmm? 😦


  2. cmarie says:

    I was buying it until I read sthrngrl’s comments above, I mean is Kittrell some kind of saint? Gave them gum every day and even left it for them the day before if he was going to be absent? Always had money to buy a coke for him and politley defended the innocent against bullies? Maybe sthrngrl is one of the bullies that had Kittrell so freaked out. I don’t know, I am just going by my gut reaction to reading that. I am probably way off, but doesn’t he seem just too good to be true even if he did not carry an arsenal in his trunk?


  3. Nettie says:

    Yes Cmarie,

    It was just all so …..gushy. If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. The guy might be a good guy, even, and all that but…..carrying an arsenal of weapons around while he plays some knight in shining armor in his head?….hmmm. “He gives me chewing gum.” Sure, and John Wayne Gacy dressed up as a clown to entertain ill hospital children….so?


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