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All Crime Is Personal

Questions linger in student’s weapons bust:

Just some more insight into the motives of Robin Kittrell, the 17-year-old who brought an arsenal of guns to his Georgia high school to help prevent a Columbine-like situation. According to the last few paragraphs in the article, there was a rumor going around that another student was going to bomb Whitewater High School.

But questions remain about exactly what Kittrell, whom school officials said had no record of disciplinary problems, might have intended to do with the weapons and black, ninja-like outfit — complete with mask, gloves and sword — that police confiscated.

It sounds like Kittrell had some kind of grandiose plans of being some kind of vigilante or pictured himself as some kind of superhero. If that’s the case then he should have gone the Spider-Man route and not used any weapons but himself.

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