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Sex attack victim found on Web site:

Three Chicago teenagers have been charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl they met through, a Web site popular with teens and young adults.

Tony Pacheco, 17, and Angel Alverio, 18, were arrested Sunday along with a 15-year-old boy whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile. Pacheco, of the 6400 block of North Hamilton Avenue, and Alverio, of the 1500 block of West Wilson Avenue, were being held Monday on $400,000 bond. A Juvenile Court judge found probable cause to detain the 15-year-old, said Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Pacheco and Alverio, both students at Senn High School on the North Side, had been corresponding with the girl on, Assistant Cook County State’s Atty. John Henning said at the teens’ bond hearing Monday. Henning did not know how long the teens had been corresponding.

The pair allegedly set up a meeting with the girl, who is also from Chicago, at an undisclosed location on July 24 and drove her to the home of the 15-year-old in the 4800 block of West Walton Street, Henning said. There, they allegedly drank alcohol and played video games, he said.

“The victim passed out and when she woke up,” she was being sexually assaulted, Henning said. That pattern was repeated several times, and the last time she awoke she was in an alley, Henning said.

I couldn’t find one for Alverio. I might have found one for Pacheco but I can’t say for sure that it’s his so any help would be appreciated.

24 thoughts on “14-year-old Chicago girl raped

  1. Miss Kris says:

    I too, thought I had found Pancheco’s page…but, I just saw this news article, which shows the suspect’s photos…it’s not the same guy…

    (Obviously, I have internet access and too much free time @ work! lol) Too bad I can’t parlay this into a money making opportunity!


  2. Miss Kris says:

    Okay, I compared pics from the myspace page that I thought was his, this is is myspace page


  3. anonymous says:

    the myspace is his..they’re the same people. trust me, i went to school with him.


  4. Anonymous says:

    This is another trick that police and the polictic attoney try to do to figh we some company like myspace.
    they use three tenneger to make big sound and call the attention to the parent.
    they show three tenneger that never have charge for rape with clean record and try to use them.
    the media only said what the attoyner general and the police said.
    This teneger was incomunicater for 24 hour no layer, no parent.
    this is another case that police torture.
    I want that the news paper fiind to Mr. Pacheco and can see how this tenneger present sing of hit in his bory. They force hin to sing the paper under false promese
    They don’t said that the 14 year girl was register in my space with 18 year.
    The girl was pacheco girlfreind before.
    The girl never loss the mint like they said.
    They take the false 18 year girl to the corne of north and polasky not to the alley.


  5. I want that the news paper fiind to Mr. Pacheco and can see how this tenneger present sing of hit in his bory.


    Anyway, clean records usually mean that they’ve never been caught before.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I said real think not suposse that is hapen or not
    I listen all person arround this tenneger and realy the try to do with them like do with Mr. Cruz before put some body in jail and do a show.
    Look in the media they start all comment point in the myspace page.
    they do this long time ago but now some Attorney want to be in the new make the show like hero and use two teneger and a minor. they put the news like their are comvicted already and not they is suspect not convicted


  7. Anonymous says:

    wOw!! I can’t believe i went to skoo with these boys and they couldn’t be smarter and had to leave a 14 year old girl hurt for life because from experience itz a life time memory. Angel i never would think that u would put urself in that level and tony as well. Me and angel were raised together and as far as tony i never really talked to him but everyday im more and more shocker. Angel captain of the football team and having a great head on his shoulders went from being a some1 to a nobody and messing up his life and prolly remamining in jail for a couple year…WHO KNOWS? U SHOULD OF THOUGHT ABOUT AND JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS DRUNK AND ALL OF U’S WERE TO GIVE’S U NO DAMN RIGHT TO RAPE HER. SHE WAS JUST 14 YEARS OLD!!!!! MAYBE SHE WANTED TO HAVE FUN AND U BEING MEN HAD TO TAKE IT TO A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. U DON’T HAVE NO IDEA WHAT U HAVE DONE!!!!! BUT WHILE UR SITTING BEHIND THAT CELL U SHOULD TAKE THE TIME AND THINK ABOUT IT. IF I WERE A JUDGE I WOULD LIKE U GUYS BEHIND A CELL AND MAKE SURE I LOOSE THE KEY. Cowards thatz what ya r. It’s a damn shame that u can’t get no1 ur own damn age. I pray to god dis 14 year old girl gets her jusitce and ya do so much time. Men like u, make women likes us HATE MEN!!!!!! IM NOT PLANNING ON GIVING U ANY LUCK SO HOPE THE JAIL EXPERIENCE SLAPS U IN THE HEAD.


  8. Anonymous says:

    your anonymous too but I sure angel and tony think after they read you message that you are like stup person that beliver any think that the another person said without of verify it. them you are not freind never of them becouse any body that know this tenneger know that they can not do something like that.
    don’t let to the media or any politic group take yoursefl to do their trick.


  9. anonymous says:

    i know angel…i always see him on my block by his cousins jesse’s house on albany. in chicago also. i can’t believe this happened. i guess drinking changes a sweet person to something dangerous.


  10. Anonymous says:

    If you know angel you must to know that angel is not alcoholic and angel is not that can the person he is not rape man and you not angel have his girlfriend he not need do somethin like that, this is police and media combination to make paper and in the same time said something bad about myspace network. they use this tenneger to make stament and in the same time don’t said that the girl was in myspace like 18 year age girl and not like 14 year them they meet 18 year girl like she write in her page, also if you see the girl picture is easy belive that she have more.
    the police hide this information because they don’t want to figh we myspace network. and ask them if they have any method to verify you age went you write in the network you age.
    ask to girl why the say they have more age than they real have. She look for any relation? Why her parent let to 14 year girl go to the street on 11.00 pm to meet
    4 tenneger older than her. What she loking for. I think she must to laid in some part of the declaration. like laid her age.


  11. Anonymous says:

    are you caught already? or are you not caught yet?


  12. Anonymous says:

    you must to ask for the my space page of the girl before july or by the time that hin Pacheco know her in this time she was suscribe like 18 year old girl. Realy I don’t beleve in the news paper in general because they try to make money like any bussenes and It is control by the politic and goverment. they suppor who they want and danger who they want. they use the media now vs. Myspace before vs. indocument person later mybe they use vs. you and your kid. I want to said that one of the kid is in the jail hospital. They said the inmate hit him. where was the custodian in this time?. His family must to sue the city. Remenber they is not convicted yet. Don’t look like the court sentence them already this must to be probe in court.


  13. Anonymous says:



  14. Che-Che says:

    I Know Angel and Tony personally and I know they wouldn’t do that…That girl was just a hoe and thats all to it…They need to take action on that little ass girl as well because she was the one that deceived them into thinking she was 18…She should of not went with people she didnt know anyways…Anyways they gonna get out…So holla


  15. anonymous says:

    they didn’t rape her she did what she wanted too cuz how was she gonna know who fucked her if she was passed out
    and another thing is if she didn’t want to be fucked then why didn’t she call for help
    and instead was saying harder and some other bull shit i heard around my block
    so i say angel and tony didn’t have any flaut to this so called rape!!!!!!!!!!


  16. melissa n angel best friends for life says:

    for me to know angel for my whole life being in chicago it is hard for me to believe that he would do such a thing ive been with him enough times to know that he would never put me in that situation, so for someone to say that they got raped by him is unimaginable, i know that tennagers claim they got raped when their parents find out their sexually active, and they had sex with more than one person, so to get out that situation they make it seem like their the victim. i know its not like angel cant get sex, girls through themselves on him and hes picky, for them to prove the guys guilty they need to look at the situation, she obviously wanted to do sumthing with them because she willingly got into their car and went to their crib, without knowing them better she willingly drank the liqour and probably lead them on. my reason for her being in the alley is because no guys want a hoe who gives it up easy to be in their house, she got to go. good luck angel and im sorry to hear about that girl being confused


  17. JoJo says:

    This is some crazy shit i know Angel n i know he wnt do some stupid shit like that. I mean c’mon now be real she knew damm well what she was getting into going with niggas she dnt even know. She probly was leading them on n being inttoxicated shit will happen. Who knows she probly even lied about her age, after they had few drinks n did whatever she probly left n passed out i mean thats what liquor do… Next day woke up n found herself in the alley…got scared…being a 14year-old her ass was probly scared to go home…Its Logical n i hope persecuters does not only look at one side of the story but on both sides.
    To Angel: I know u didn’t do it n im by yo side. Ur in my prayers Dog…. Friends til’ da end!! Love yah


  18. JoJo says:

    n to ppl that claims their friends with angel but yet sinking him n say he did it yahl some fakes. How cud u sit there n say shit like maybe the 14 year old wanted to have some fun…thats bullshit a 14 year old shud be at home reading a damm book not out drinking with boys. Yahl need to shut the hell up talking non-sense… be real she got what she wanted!!!!!!………….


  19. in kc says:

    um, all of them should have been at home rading a book or haning out in a mall. none were od enough to drink. if they’re such sweet little boys then why’d they have alcohol? why was she in a stupid situation, and if he’s on the football team and has such a good head on his shoulders why wasn’t he practicing or studying? what are his grades like? every screwed up, especially the boys. i’m 22 and was raped at the age of 17. i know what it’s like. i was raped by an aquaintance who i thought was a good guy (good grades, extremely polite, had been a student of my mother’s 3 years before). i thought he was safe so i invited him to hang out after school at my house. long lesson shortened:don’t put yourself into a potentially dangerous situation, and guys, consider that you will permamntly screw up a girl, her daughters, and any females close to her. all will view men differently form then on. plus, there’s DNA evidence you dumbasses!
    and as for “she got what she wanted” in most states 14 isn’t old enough to legally “get what she wanted.” learn your laws, go to school, and it looks like almost all of you need to study.


  20. Monique says:

    I love how the last comment said, “Almost all of you need to study.” Dumbass should proofread. Anyway, if the girl was dumb enough to go hang out with older guys [with alcohol], that’s her fault. It’s irritating me that people blame myspace for people being idiots. People should be smart enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Life is full of choices. She made a bad choice and ended up being sexually assaulted. Her bad. I’m not saying the boys were not at fault, because they were, but she’s not the victim. This is just a case of bad judgement.


  21. Chicago Girl says:

    My God, you kids are all a bunch of illiterates. Are you a bunch of blacks or hispanics? Because in black and hispanic cultures, education isn’t valued and women are degraded and blamed for rape, though they are the victims.

    Well, you kids will have a future! You will be mowing my lawn and waiting on me at McDonalds while I’ll be earning six figures per year.


  22. nene says:

    I no angel and that’s a real ass nigga and for yall to say angel did that or for yall to think its went down like that yall some hoes cuz that’s my guy but fuck it my niggas r home so fuck yall Top Knotch ent LF baby


  23. la mizzy13 says:

    wow i know this girl that got into some shit like that she was 15 and thought that nothing like that fuckin shit was ganna happen to her but she was damm wrong she got dronk with her friend and her fuckin boyfriend and some other guys and at the end they raped her and killed her becuse they were mother fuckin dronk and stupit that is some real shit mother fuckin niggas are damm stupit


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