Dyleski defense rests


So let me get this straight. Dyleski’s public defender, Ellen Leonida, rested her case after only hearing testimony from character witnesses?

During her opening statement, Leonida argued that Dyleski couldn’t have killed Vitale because a witness saw him at home at the time of the murder. Dyleski lived a short walk down the hill on Hunsaker Canyon Road from where Vitale and Horowitz lived. That witness testified earlier in the trial that he was no longer sure what time he saw Dyleski that morning.

Although the prosecution presented extensive DNA evidence connecting Dyleski to the crime, Leonida did not call any of her own expert witnesses to rebut the DNA evidence.

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Tuesday morning in Judge Barbara Zuniga’s courtroom in Martinez.

Not much of a lawyer or did she know she didn’t have much to work with?

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