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Man Charged in Rape; Police Fear More Victims:

Recently I talked about Michael Frese, the guy who raped a woman advertising massage services in craigslist. Police are saying there may be more victims…

After a Dale City man was charged with raping a 19-year-old woman who advertised massage services online, Prince William County police said this week that they fear there might be more victims.

“We need to know how many more are out there,” Detective Quenton Sallows said.

The woman told police that after the man raped her at knifepoint last Thursday, he chastised her for advertising online and told her that “he was just trying to show her how dangerous it can be, that she could lose her life for $200,” Sallows said. The man then warned her not to call police, saying that he and his family were in law enforcement and that his home was used by officers to clean up the neighborhood, Sallows said.

“We’re afraid that there might be other victims out there who were too intimidated by that speech to come forward,” Sallows said.

The woman arrived at the home just before 4 p.m. and was immediately led down to the basement, police said. Feeling uncomfortable with the situation, she tried to leave, saying she forgot something in her car, police said, when Frese allegedly pulled out a serrated knife. The woman was then handcuffed and sexually assaulted, police said.

She was allowed to leave only after receiving the lecture and being made to promise that she would never advertise massage services online again, Sallows said.

The woman drove to a police station, where she reported the sexual assault. Sallows said the woman “did have some physical trauma to help substantiate the claims she was making.”

Here’s the “not surprising” part of the article…

Reached at the home Tuesday, Michael Frese’s father, Larry, said he couldn’t understand the charges against his son, who he said lives with him and had never been in any real trouble before.

Lives in his dad’s basement huh? Go figure.


Police said they are investigating to see whether there are any additional victims and encourage anyone with information to call Sallows at 703-792-7234.

They are not trying to charge anyone with prostitution, Sallows said. “We just want to know how many victims we have,” he said.

7 thoughts on “Virginia craigslist rapist may have more victims

  1. J. Frese says:

    I can tell you for sure that Michael is capable of this and much more sure to come out in the trial. I am going back to virginia only to testify against him. He was very abusive to me that is why the marriage is over. And I am still in therapy weekly. He has confesed to me about my rape saying that he only “wanted me to fell powerless”


  2. Only I know says:

    Its funny…his wife who says she is in therapy weekly hit him over the head with a hammer and tired to kill herself all in the same day. Kinda weird to me.


  3. Only I know says:

    I wouldnt doubt he did it but Jen his wife is far from innocent herself


  4. J. Frese says:

    In response to the hammer thing that is not what happened and not what the cops were told and not what is in the police report. And yes I did try to kill myseflf I saw no way out and had given up on my life. I had given up on my prayer every night that I would never wake up.


  5. J. Frese says:

    I NEVER claimed to be innocent in all of this But I am not a RAPIST he is and I am not an ABUSER he is. I just started after four years of the shit defending myself, I finally stood up and got a back bone and hit back, He DESERVED everything he ever got from me. And he deserves everything that will come out in the trial HE DESEVES TO BURN IN HELL.


  6. Only I know says:

    I am not trying to argue with you over the internet I am just stating facts not everyone knows. If you are going to talk about someone else should the whole story be told not just one side? Again I think he did it so I am agreeing with you Jen.


  7. Jenn says:

    An Update on stuff I found out the girl that he cheated with is pregnant so there goes another child’s life to Hell. How do you tell a child that thier father is a rapist and an abuser. At least the only time he will see this child will be under supervison. So at least Cate won’t have to go though a loss like others have because of Michael.


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