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Probation for teen in Winslow plot:

This article is basically just a recap from yesterday about the teen from Hammonton High that was sentenced in the Winslow Twp. High plot. What makes this article different is that the Philadelphia Inquirer names all the suspects…

A Hammonton youth was sentenced yesterday to three years’ probation for his involvement in a guns-and-terror plot at Winslow Township High School.

State Superior Court Judge Angelo DiCamillo said David Cruz Jr., 16, had only “a minimal level” of involvement in four youths’ plan to initiate a food fight during a fourth-period lunch, then execute students and teachers from a “hit list.”

The alleged ringleader, Edwin DeLeon, 15, of Winslow, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess a firearm. He waived his case to adult court earlier this month, and faces a six-year prison term at his sentencing in October.

James Whelan, 15, also of Winslow, pleaded guilty to gun charges in juvenile court. He faces three years in a youth facility.

Winslow resident Peter Cunningham, 16, faces five years in state prison after pleading guilty to gun conspiracy charges. He is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

I wonder why no previous article mentioned the underage suspects’ names.

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