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Soldier pleads guilty to arranging tryst with teen using MySpace:

I originally talked about Jason Benge here

A Fort Drum soldier charged with soliciting teens for sex using the popular website plead guilty to all charges this morning in Jefferson County court.

27-year-old Jason Scott Benge of Flower Avenue East plead guilty to charges of Criminal Solicitation in the 3rd degree and Attempted Rape in the 3rd degree. Benge used the website to arrange a meeting with what he thought was a 15-year-old teen and her 16-year-old friend for purposes of engaging in sexual activity with him and his girlfriend. The teen he believed he was propositioning was actually Detective Steven C. Cote of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

Sentencing for Benge is scheduled for October 27th. He was released on his own recognizance.

His MySpace has since been deleted.

One thought on “Fort Drum soldier pleads guilty

  1. Ann Horton says:

    I knew Jason at the tme he was arrested!I know jason was a great person in a messed up world..Jaosn was in the military and was a Bi male people (army) found out jason was with men and the army could’nt take it And I and alot of others that knew Jason and hung around Jason knew he was having a tough time with the army not accepting his being with men And aroom mate of Jason got on his computer alot and sent pics that jason had of him self and aman sent them to everyone on the barrecks then this all happened seem to all of jasons friend in Ny state he was set up maybe he should’nt have bought into this all but my god maybe if the military would have helped him out with all of this he wouldnt be somixed up!I love jason with all my heart and i also know how a 15 year old girl acts today and think parents should watch there children better,Watertown Ny is the nasty place for females giving them selfs away as teenagers hanging out side of bars waiting for these men to come out..god bless all of you…


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