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Michigan Man Busted During MySpace Rondevous:

(CBS4) KEENE, N.H. A Michigan man is under arrest after he traveled to New Hampshire to allegedly meet someone he thought was 14-year-old boy he met online. That 14-year-old boy turned out to be Keene Detective Jim McLaughlin.

Jeremy Dale Stewart, 28, had been talking with the detective for two months. According to McLaughlin, Stewart was using to find teens.

Officials say Stewart traveled about 25 hours on a bus to meet up with the teen in Keene. Prior to the arranged meeting, McLaughlin said Stewart would send photos and love notes.

When Stewart was met by police at the bus station in Keene, officials say he was taken into custody without incident. When police told him he was under arrest, Stewart apparently told them he was there on vacation.

I wasn’t able to find a definitive MySpace for Stewart but I guess he won’t be needing that round-trip ticket.

3 thoughts on “25 hours on a bus

  1. Dream says:

    LMAO vacation in Keene.


  2. soobs says:

    I’ll go out on a limb, and say he lives at home with mommy and daddy, and doesn’t have a “real” job.


  3. Witheld says:

    Thats what he told me. I was a victim of his horible plan. Thanks to the Keene detective, i am safe. I owe my life to him. Thank you “colin dean”


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