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MySpace sex leads to charges:

A Portage man has been charged with sexual misconduct with a minor and child exploitation after he met a 15-year-old girl through MySpace and engaged in sexual activity that he videotaped, police said.

Jonathan Allen Miller, 18, of the 6500 block of Kandi Avenue, is accused of videotaping and taking digital photographs of sexual acts with the 15-year-old girl on March 3 or 4 in Hobart and Portage.

In the Hobart case, the girl, a former Hobart resident, met Miller through a MySpace profile page. They began instant messaging in February and eventually agreed to meet at a Portage school parking lot late on March 3 or early on March 4.

They drove around looking for a secluded spot and ended up in the Barrington Ridge subdivision near St. Mary Medical Center in Hobart, where they engaged in sexual activity until another car arrived and they left. Afterward, they drove to a site in Portage and engaged in sexual activity.

The girl’s mother learned of the alleged incident in June after discovering printed instant messages in the garbage in which her daughter was asking a man to return a tape of them having sexual contact. The girl then told her mother what happened, and the mother recovered a severely damaged VHS tape from Miller. She gave the tape to Portage police.

A member of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force was able to recover a portion of the tape depicting Miller and the girl having sexual contact.

The class C felony charges carry a sentence range of two to eight years in prison.

Yes, we do have Miller’s MySpace.

For those of you who think an 18-year-old boy having sex with a 15-year-old girl is no big deal get back to me when you have a 15-year-old daughter who is banging an 18-year-old and tell me how ok you are with it.

10 thoughts on “Jonathan Allen Miller

  1. soobs says:

    I checked his MySpace, and one of his friends is “Stephanie” who is 15 years old. Hmmm….

    Also, I am a mother of a 16 year old girl. I’d be kicking some major ass. I WAS 15 at one time, and I KNOW about 18 year old boys. Why the hell don’t they find someone their own age??


  2. Nameless says:

    If you think that’s bad,Jon loves crossdressing.Check some of his photobucket links.I know the kid personally and he’s a fucking freak.


  3. no name says:

    no kidding… i had a class with him a couple of years ago & he came into school wearing a dress & heals. not only that, but he even made the effort to shave his legs, fix up his hair, and put on makeup… foundation, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow, glitter… the whole bit


  4. Suzy says:

    Send me link or photos of Jon in drag, I don’t believe it.


  5. Jessica says:

    Well maybe if she wasnt such a little slut!!she made the decision to go! little skank. Jonathan is cool get over it


    1. Youknowofnothing says:

      Second Jessica, I do not recall seeing this female as a slut when he was the one bragging about the entire event while she was distraught on it.


  6. PJT says:

    I am not condoning what the young man did. In fact I 100% understand it was wrong. However Miller was 18 years old and the girl was 15 years old. I could see convicting Miller if there was a several year differential. However, the young man just turned 18 which makes him a little over 2 years over the girl. As of July 1st, Indiana just passed a law making what Miller did legal. If an 18 year old young man were to do the same thing right now it would be legal.

    Miller made a poor decision but he is not the same type of sexual predator that you see on DateLine NBC.

    2 to 3 years age difference constitutes bad judgement not a sexual predator!

    Use your common sense people and grow up! Spend your time talking about real criminals not teenagers that make mistakes.

    Some day you to will have a problem and we will see how you are judges.


  7. Alice in Wonderland says:

    I saw Jonathan dress up in what the other poster called cross dressing. The dude was dressing up in that Rocky Horror garb! Give the guy a break, I would say he may need to mature but by far he’s not a freak! Rocky Horror is not my thing but who are you to judge?


  8. StopToday says:

    The internet isn’t a playground.To be technical, it was suppose to be used for research and intelligent purpose of usage, and not people researching someone to have any intercourse with or exposure. Don’t let young adults use this kind of technology because it is making a parent’s job a lot hard. With more people using it, more teenagers think in their own mindset they can trust so easily with anyone who starts having a 10 minute conversation with them-let alone a year, not knowing how much of a risk they are actually putting themselves out there for their safety ahead of what can affect them in the future.


  9. Thetruthisout says:

    Ok Jessica, she is not a slut, he was going to put the video on the internet with the other girl on the tape, you stupid bitch, so that just shows how much you know about your friend on here though right?


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