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Shooting Suspect Obsessed With Columbine:

More information the e-mail Alvaro Castillo sent to Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis and about Castillo himself…

Columbine Principal Frank DeAngelis did not read the e-mail until after the attack, according to a statement Thursday by the Jefferson County, Colo., schools. DeAngelis called the district’s security director, who called the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

And it seems Castillo was not just a Columbine worshipping mutant either…

“He was obsessed with Columbine, the (Kip) Kinkel shooting in Oregon, the (Jonesboro) Arkansas high school shooting,” the sheriff said. Investigators found numerous diaries at Castillo’s home in which he wrote about attacks, Orange County Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass said.

And I wonder if this was the real trigger…

Officials with the North Carolina National Guard said Thursday that Castillo entered the guard as a recruit in 2004 and completed basic combat training in August 2005. He was never deployed and was being processed out of the guard after being determined to be medically disqualified for military service, according to the statement.

Eric Harris was denied entrance to the Marines shortly before Columbine. Coincidence, or a mutant imitating his hero? Probably coincidence but it’s an eerie one.

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