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Paper receives letter, video related to shooting:

Alvaro Castillo’s mutant status keeps climbing higher and higher…

The Chapel Hill News on Thursday received a package with a videotape and a letter signed with the name of the man charged Wednesday with killing his father in Hillsborough. The murder charge came after police arrested Alvaro Rafael Castillo in connection with a shooting at Orange High School on Wednesday that slightly injured two students.

The letter writer says he knows “almost every detail” of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. In that well-publicized incident, 13 students were killed and 23 people were injured by two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who then killed themselves.

“I sent you the tape because I do not want them locked away just [like] the Basement Tapes that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made,” the letter says. “The police would not release them. This will not happen again. I want the world to see myself.”

The writer later adds: “I also like to read about massacres like the one that occurred in Red Lake, Minnesota by Jeff Weise,” referring to the deaths of 10 people, eight of them at a school, in a shooting rampage in March 2005. “I must remind the world!”

The letter ends with, “I will die. I have wanted to die for years. I’m sorry.”

He’s not either.

“I know I am insane. Ever since I was young, I knew there was something wrong with me,” the letter says. The writer calls himself “a depressed and traumatized individual.”

The letter speaks of a father who is verbally abusive to the writer, his sisters and his mother. It speaks of the father hitting members of the family on occasion. “His threats and abuse took their toll on me,” the letter says.

It also says the writer was shown pornography by a friend at 8 years old. “From that day on, I was disgusted with the world,” the letter says.

Ok, but what the hell does that have anything to do with shooting at his old high school?

3 thoughts on “Castillo sends tape to local paper

  1. To him, the school was probably only incidental. He just wanted to be “famous” like the other school shooters were! For him, people at the school were just targets.


  2. cmarie says:

    Gee, with all the effort he put forth he sure failed! I have a feeling his dad was not abusive, this sounds like a kid who just felt put upon by the whole world. Poor little loser. He seems to only have cared about fame, making a name for himself. All of this other stuff, his excuses seem so contrived. JMO. 😎


  3. Trench says:

    I couldn’t agree more.


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