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Suspect’s Web page offers a glimpse of his life:

This is an article from the newspaper that Alvaro Castillo sent the video to about Castillo’s MySpace. I’ve been looking for his MySpace since the story broke. Anyway, on to the article…

Handguns, shotguns and rifles.

Those are what Alvaro Castillo listed as his general interests on his page.

He also wrote that he likes cooking, cleaning, singing and target practice.

Under Alvaro’s “pics” is a photograph that depicts him holding a pair of scissors above another male’s head as if he was going to stab him. The caption reads, “Attempted Murder. Are you scared? Ha ha.”

The 19-year-old lists his heroes on his site. They include “God, Mom, Dad, Victoria…”

Let’s stop right there for a second. If his dad was his hero why did he kill him?

He also writes that he would most like to meet John Hinckley Jr., Tom Hanks, Michael Moore and God.

I can see why he’d want to meet John Hinckley since they’re both batshit crazy gunmen. I wonder why he wanted to meet Fatboy though. And he may just get his wish in that last one.

Also on his MySpace, he lists Bowling for Columbine as one of his favorite movies. I think that movie has helped in more school shootings than it tried to prevent.

You can see Alvaro Castillo’s MySpace for yourself.

35 thoughts on “Alvaro Castillo’s MySpace

  1. Jane doe says:

    How can that be his page. It says he logged on on 9/3..he is in jail


  2. Trench says:

    Because it was linked from his sisters page. Just because he’s in jail doesn’t mean one of his family or friends can’t login for him.


  3. It could also be the police logging in as well.

    In the Robida case, at the least, his account was accessed after he was dead. Eventually, Robida’s MySpace was taken down. Some say it was the police to perserve the information on the page.



  4. Anonymous says:

    “I think that movie has helped in more school shootings than it tried to prevent.” Who bears responsibility for this? Michael Moore or Alvaro Castillo? Or maybe God? I can’t believe Slate magazine linked to this crap. You’re just another winger trying to justify your hatred for liberalism through isolated events. Apparently we can’t judge conservatism by its leadership, or its followers, but I guess liberalism as a whole can be judged for every isolated nut that comes along. 🙂


  5. Trench says:

    Show me once where I mentioned politics in my post.

    I mentioned Bowling for Columbine because more than one would be or “successful” school shooter has listed it as one of their favorite movies. My point is why is no one screaming for his alleged documentary to be pulled from the shelves?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Al wasn’t batshit. I knew him. Personally. I was at the OHS shooting-I was sitting outside where he was shooting My father is a teacher there in a classroom facing the area he was shooting at and my little sister is just across a parking lot in at the middle school- not only was I across from the injured, but they were my friends. Knowing all this I want you to understand that despite that, I will still defend him. I know both him and his sister Victoria. They are both the kindest people you can imagine. When I was told who our shooter was, I refused to belive it. It wasn’t until I saw him on the news, in person that I could comprehend his actions. Would you called a mentally handicapped/disturbed person “batshit”? I don’t think so. How would you classify someone who shoots at his/her former classmates and friends? Mentally disturbed. I’m not here to argue with anyone or piss anyone off-Just to say before you post somthing like this, analyzing everything about this guys personal life (Which you know nothing about) think about what you’re saying. You knew nothing about this person or his motives (And no, what you saw on CNN dosn’t count), and yet you’re willing to publicly condemn him and even call him “batshit” -Don’t you think if those who were actully being shot at arn’t being so immature and hateful towards Al, you shouldn’t be eaither?


  7. Tim says:

    People who kill are more than “mentally ill” they have choose to follow evil. Your pity and defence for him is weak.
    Kind, as you claim he was does not inclued murder!


  8. He is a crazy distrubed young man, couldnt anybody clue in that he was about to lose it? face it he was a wingnut.


  9. robert evans says:

    i didnt know this guy or anything about him, but i hardly think that anything on his myspace account (which i just viewed) would qualify the guy as a murderer. i know people who have and do kill other people and this guy is so far from being what they are that it’s hard to beleive that this guy was a killer. yet i see that MSN has portrayed every referall to a gun or death on his page that they make it seem that there were adequate warning signs that everyone overlooked. there are tons of people who seem to dedicate their entire profile to the concept of death, yet they dont murder.. this guy simply joked that he was stabbing his friend, when i read the MSN description i figured it was some graphic portrayal of a stabbing. i mean, he was in the national guard, of course he was into weapons and target practice.. maybe it was something he was good at? at any rate, i would rather see an explanation for what happened with him rather than an article that instills suspicion into everyone FOR everyone. i mean there has to be some psychological explanation, even for the mentally disturbed..


  10. robert evans says:

    in response to the ardent defender of “bowling for colombine”, being somewhat neurotic myself, i can understand how that movie could prod on a potential killer. i mean, if you set yourself aside from the norm, its easy to look past any sort of emphasis on the negativity of the columbine shooters and see them as sort of martyrs for what they beleive in. im sorry but potential killers dont need to see documentaries ON people who crossed over the line to murder. i know people in gangs who didnt murder anyone until they saw some dumbassed documentary on ted bundy or some other killer. those documentaries, aside from their political motivation, are useless to society. the fact that someone like micheal moore would make such a documentary, seemingly completely ignorant of what its byproducts may inculde, for the sake of condemning a president, is damned ridiculous. people in the national gaurd will have experience with guns regardless of what youre everyday shotgun owner is allowed to have… and dont be so quick to idolize a hollywood figure. especially if they denounce a country that they would at the same time claim allegience to. and if you want specific quotes of him condemning our country in general, i will be happy to provide them. never the less, you CANNOT help but to question the reason why a high school rampage killer would consider bowling for columbine one of his favorite movies. you have to be completely devoid of reasoning to not make that connection and nag everyone who does like theyre some kind of narrow minded idiot.


  11. Hilart says:

    Can I get a copy of the blog?


  12. A- says:

    We also know that law is made not for the righteous but for the lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irrelegious for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers,
    – 1 timothy 1:9

    With that being written down I trust that Alvaro Castillo will get the punishment he deserves. I personally think he should get life in prison.


  13. Anonymous says:

    In response to your defending what Alvaro did….he is batshit! NOBODY has any right to take anyone elses life! Whatever his motives are, they’re irrelevant and bullshit! Can you justify killing innocent children and your father…who gave you life????? Please do, I’d love to hear it! Sick, twisted mother f-ers like him need to be locked away in solitary confinement forever…to die. How would you feel if someone murdered your child? Would you say, “oh, I’m sure he had his own reasons and since he’s mentally disturbed, I’ll forgive!” F@#! that!!!!! There are too many sick bastards like him in this country and they all need to be weeded out and exterminated like the filthy roaches they are!! You shouldn’t defend a murderer, publicly, for millions of people to see…that’s a damn good way to get a whole lot of people hating you! I’d spit in his face if I ever saw him. And, my heart goes out to the families of the victims.


  14. Trench says:

    Besides Netscape could someone tell me where all the traffic is coming from?


  15. gina says:

    bowling for columbine has nothing to do with grusome shooting, watch it, i think they list that movie for a cry of help, it shows you basically that we’re sitting here blaming music, games, and movies and it’s not what is making kids do that, it’s our society in general, if you pull that movie becuase it’s “causeing kids to do what they do” you might as well ban tv and radio all together…..that’s why you don’t see bowling for columbine taken off the shelves, people need to watch it to get un understading it not a bad movie don’t talk crap unless you’ve seen it….that was a uneduacted post from your part


  16. gina says:

    as a “christian” you should be praying forgivness and that he gets to know God, not for eternal damnation…. that’s why people don’t like christians…they’re hypoctates!!! get to know your bible more before you throw out scriptures…you are supposed to love your enimies, that means anyone who you have bad feelings toward, don’t hope them the worst …pray for them to get the best, know God, have a relationship with God, and that he will learn to live his life as God wants him to!!!! shame on you!
    that’s what i ment to type )


  17. Trench says:

    What’s a hypoctate?

    But more importantly what website (besdies Netscape) are all you people coming from?


  18. gina says:

    hypocrate…you know what i ment, and by the way, i went to his so called “my space” and first all his friends listed on there, including his “sister” doesn’t even say anything that has happened, so i think it’s a fake that you posted, or not even the real person… no one metions that he shot up anyone or his father is dead, his “sister” was on here today and she’s all happy it looks like to friends, so you have the wrong myspace people!


  19. ubuibme says:

    gina, it’s hypocrite. you seem quite emotional, and not very educated. you may want to focus some of that passion on self-improvement before expending so much energy criticizing others. i went to his sister’s myspace page, and if you look back to the time the killings happened & read the comments left there, it is obvious that they don’t “have the wrong myspace people!”

    btw, trench, you ask where all the traffic’s from. this morning’s msn homepage/news. -)



  20. monyet says:

    yep got this link from the slate magazine article on the latest colorado shooting.

    “that’s why people don’t like christians” – thanks gina, for generalising.

    (in case you don’t get it, i was being sarcastic. just in case, you don’t get it.)


  21. A- says:

    Yeah he can form a relationship with God In prison,It is where he belongs,Gina I hope that he does repent for his sins because if he doesnt he will go straight to hell! And you need to stop judging christians you athiest, you satanic person you! You are calling the wrong people hypocryts I tell you what. Yes Alvaro will be forgiven if he repents, even though he will be doing life!


  22. A- says:

    Correction:You are calling the wrong people hypocrites I tell you what. Yes Alvaro will be forgiven if he repents, even though he will serving out a life sentence.


  23. A- says:

    Correction:You are calling the wrong people hypocrites I tell you what. Yes Alvaro will be forgiven if he repents, even though he will serving out a life sentence. You need to stop doing the Devils Deeds Gina, do not judge christians. Repent and read the bible more. BTW I found this site from and MSN link too.


  24. Anonymous says:

    If you could find, at any point in my comment, where I displayed an attitude conveying that what Al did was “ok” *I’D* love to see it. Do I, as a victim of the shooting, strike you as someone who would justify the killing of innocent children? Innocent teenagers, Innocent bystanders? No. By responding in such a vulgar and belligerent way, you’re showing your ignorance on the subject and insensitivity to the victims of things like this. Your comment is also the most appalling thing I’ve seen in awhile. What an immature and thoughtless statement. It’s a little arrogant of you to assume that you merely saying “You shouldn’t defend a murderer, publicly, for millions of people to see…that’s a damn good way to get a whole lot of people hating you!” would make me suddenly bow to your “intellect” and change my whole outlook on the situation. Obviously, from what you said, you could not gather that Al was a friend of mine, and I will defend him against naive soapbox dwellers like yourself. Sorry [but to bad] if that offends you. I thought I had made it clear in my first comment (obviously not) that I am strongly against school shootings and DO NOT think what Al did was right-But I also do not think it ok, for people thousands of miles away, who have no idea what it feels like to be in a school shooting, and who have no relation to the shooter whatsoever to analyze and wrongly label them for, as you put it “Millions of people to see”. I also doubt that the parents of the victims would want the sympathy of someone who would allegedly “Spit in his [Al’s] face” if he ever saw them. Saying things like that, if I may quote you is “a damn good way to get a whole lot of people hating you!”


  25. Trench says:

    The only thing I’m blaming is Alvaro Castillo.


  26. Trench says:

    The term is “batshit crazy”. It’s slang for being super crazy. and if you’ve seen the Castillo videos you’s know that he is batshit crazy.


  27. ed says:

    his page is down just thought id let you know


  28. Art says:

    This website blows, people dont even know what the hell they are talking about. Trench coat chronicles is a waste of time and has no earthly idea about anything.


  29. Trench says:

    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful “Art”. :mrgreen:


  30. Trench says:

    Thank you Ed. A mirror has been posted.


  31. Anonymous says:

    Thats a lame thing to say. People on here actually look up the facts and report them best they can. ((thanks so much)) It’s the commenters(I.e You) that have no idea what they’re talking about. I know, I know what i’m talking about as personally as you can involving school shootings (presence).

    Props to Trench and thoses who pour their time into this site. It’s a good sorce of information for some people.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Dear “Tim”
    I pity those who you call your “friends”. You obviously have no concept of friendship or compassion which is essential in friendship. If I was an acquaintance of yours I would be bothered very much so by that whimsical comment you posted. It would make me wonder how you (supposedly my friend) would act in a situation where I obviously needed your support and understanding more than ever. I would be most upset, but more than likely correct in assuming that you would abandon me under the mounting pressure of the larger population and join in their preaching of condemnation without any thought to redemption. Gee, What a guy. I hope you can sleep with yourself knowing you’d abandon everyone you’ve every said you cared about the moment they need you. I on the other hand will not be persuaded to turn against my colleagues and friends by trivial people, such as you. Regardless, I don’t think “weak” it the word you’re looking for in your previous comment. More along the lines of: “You’re stronger than I’d be in a situation like this” or “I respect your refusal to be put down by ignorant nobodies like myself” Or maybe even, “I know I wouldn’t have the balls the defend my “friends” against oblivious twits like myself”. Whatever the case may be I bid you a happy life of ignorance and bliss. May your friends never know your true intentions.


  33. Andrea De la Concha says:


    Do you remember me?????????


  34. Satan says:

    Let me just jump in here because…well, I guess just because I can. All psycho nutcases who kill innocent people need to be administered two in the head. All psycho nutcases who believe in gods, goddesses, unicorns, faeries, or demons need to be administered a reality check.


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